Marketing Truth Serum


If you want to stop procrastinating, get motivated
and finish what you start…
because you’ve realized your life is slipping away a day at a time
If you’ve ever felt like you need a better plan & clear direction…
because you’re  not living up to your full potential..
If you want to finally change your life and
break out of the rut you’re in fast
Then this may be the most important
message you ever read

Hi there,

My name is Sid Savara.

Over the past two decades I have discovered the secret of what separates the truly successful from the “almost” successful.

I was in your shoes, and at a similar point in my own life when I asked myself:

Why is it that everything (money, accomplishment, happiness) comes easily, almost magically, to some people, while others work  so much harder, but remain frustrated and unsatisfied?

(And yes,  the “others” who were frustrated and unsatisfied included me)

How Did I Finally Learn The Answer?

I spent two decades figuring it out, by…

  • Digging through research journals,
  • Experimenting with cutting edge motivation & productivity techniques
  • Testing and confirming what works through coaching my clients

ONLY THEN did I learn the answer to that question…and today I’ll tell you what I discovered after all those years (as well as a few myths I busted in the process).

But First….

I have a few questions for you –  and you need to think about them carefully, ok?

  • Are you happy with where you are in your life right now?
  • Are you happy with your business, your job, or your career?   Or  do you feel like you’re just getting by, stuck in a rut….and maybe working too hard without getting the results you deserve?
  • Are you satisfied with your health and your body?  Or do you find yourself wanting more in your health and body, promising to change every year…but  never able to make that change stick?
  • Are you enjoying life, and spending time doing what you love – creating memories with friends and family, traveling, working on projects that make you happy?  Or do you feel like you’re often putting off the things that matter to you… and don’t have enough time for yourself?

If you feel your life is not where you want it to be after you’ve read any of these questions, then …

I Have Some Important News For You:

My friend, you are NOT alone.

FACT: Those questions represent the major areas I struggled with in my own life. These are just some of the problems I’ve mentored and taught literally tens of thousands of people to overcome and turn their lives around.

And I can help you…starting by giving you the truth.

I’m Going To Be BRUTALLY Honest With You:

You were not born to live an “average” life…and you were DEFINITELY not born to live a below average life!

Do you ever feel like you’re “settling” for things in your life?

(And some days … you even rationalize to yourself that “It’s ok… There’s no shame in accepting things as they are… I should just be happy for what I have?”)

It’s time for a wake up call!

No, settling is not ok, and
Yes – you owe it to yourself to go after (and can have) the good things that you deserve in your life.

If you’re not EXACTLY where you want to be in all areas of your life…

It only takes ONE simple secret to change it all.
  • Only ONE thing separates you from succeeding in your business or career.
  • Only ONE thing is stopping you from doing those things you’ve always wanted to do – travel, meet the “one” for you, take control of your health and fitness.
  • Only ONE thing separates you from enjoying the perfect life you’ve always dreamed of.

You know… the kind of life where you’re able to enjoy life on YOUR terms and where you don’t have to listen to someone tell you what you CAN and CAN’T do.

Where You Have Time For Everything

And better yet… you can spend your days how YOU want to.

You can break out of that soul-crushing hamster wheel life of always trying to “catch up” …
Whether it’s with work, finances, never able to spend time on your personal projects…
Or always doing things for other people and not spending enough time on what you love

Imagine waking up to a new life where…

  • You’re happy with how your life is going… You’ve got a plan for your life, you’re seeing progress all the time, and you’re confident every day is going to be better than the last.
  • You’re no longer falling behind on things… You’ve beaten procrastination, you’re in control of your time, and you’re productive – all without feeling overwhelmed or like you have to keep maintaining a “system”.
  • You are finally able to make those plans and projects you’ve put off for so long: traveling and building memories with everyone that matters to you in your life and finally changing the world with your projects and dreams that always seemed to be in “false starts” before.
  • And even while you’re in control of your life, body, career and business, you’re motivated to keep it going… You actually enjoy making the positive changes in your life, and feel great every day – motivated, full of energy and enjoying life.

And if you use this one proven secret I’ll share with you… it happens faster and easier than you can imagine.

No Matter Where You Are In Your Life Right Now…

You CAN Change And Get Where You Want To Be

All it takes is one simple, yet powerful secret that can change your life like it’s changed mine.
Instead of just going through the motions over and over again in your life…

You can live each day how YOU want it

  • In total alignment with your own life plan and motivated
  • Productively doing the things that matter to you, without procrastinating
  • Spending your time with the people that you care about most

The fact is… THIS is the life you deserve, and how your life is supposed to be.

You were not meant to live a life that is boring or depressing, where you’re just waiting to get to the weekend.

One of my mantras, and a lesson I teach my coaching clients is …

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured!

What if EVERY day felt like an exciting, lust for life type weekend to you…

Where you enjoy more excitement and happiness …

And finally feel as if you’ve started LIVING and not just “being”!

You might be wondering – is such a productive, exciting, fulfilling and successful future really possible for you?

YES: There’s a Formula for Success & Happiness

It starts with one simple step…

And once you take it… things start happening to bring you EXACTLY what you want to have in your life.

What’s more… it doesn’t take a lot of effort or hard work.

It just takes applying powerful, simple techniques to completely defeat procrastination and time wasting…

After you learn these techniques, instead of “business as usual” … you suddenly find you have this internal fire, this drive, this amazing motivation to take ACTION effectively and easily create the life you’ve always wanted.

By applying  simple, scientifically proven techniques you can effortlessly get more done, in less time, all without feeling stressed out and overwhelmed.

And that’s exactly how I’ll guide you to your dream life you deserve:  through simple, quick, proven, tested techniques.

If you’re not happy where you are right now… if things haven’t gone the way you would have hoped recently…

It’s not too late to change it.

And you owe it to yourself to read on…and learn about what’s possible!

Maybe you’re unsure how … or scared because even though you’re not where you want to be, at least it’s familiar and comfortable for you.

And maybe you’ve even tried before, and are worried it will be too painful to change.

But The Facts Are…

1) It is easy to use the simple, proven-and-tested techniques I’ve discovered to

  • Beat procrastination,
  • Get and stay motivated,
  • Create a plan for the life you want and
  • Take action to make it happen…


2) It is much MORE painful to put off living life for a “tomorrow” or “someday” that never comes…

Only to lay awake at night, regretting that you’ve lost your chance and let the years pass you by.

If there are areas of your life that you’re not completely happy with right now… you owe it to yourself to change it.  

You deserve to change it so you are satisfied with your life.

Whether its your job, career, finances, your health and body, or those projects that only matter to you…

You Deserve to Get What You Want in Life

Think of how much better your life will be… when you’re motivated, completely free of procrastination and overwhelm, and happy for how in control you are …

You Can Let Go Of The Baggage
Of “I Should Have” and Regret!

Imagine – no longer carrying around the weight of  regret & telling yourself “I wish I had…” – because you’re easily & effectively accomplishing what matters to you, and living each moment to the fullest.

Does that sound good to you?  

If you are not where you want to be.. I’m sure it does.

Let me tell you from personal experience…there’s so much more to life than just “getting by”

Believe me, I didn’t really know what that “more to life” was when I was stuck in my cycle of feeling like I wasn’t going anywhere.

But I can tell you for sure, once you learn the missing piece of the puzzle I’ll share with you…

You’ll Fall Head Over Heels in Love with Your Life!

You might think that being worried,  overwhelmed or even bored is totally normal, and the way everyone lives their life.

But believe me…

Living a Life That Is “Just Ok” Is Not Your Destiny!

You were meant to be better, do great thing, and have more success in your life.

You were NOT meant to be stuck spinning around in ….

The “Hamster Wheel” Cycle

It’s society’s fault you’re stuck feeling like you’re trapped in a hamster wheel… running in circles but never getting anywhere.

All the advertising, the media, “keeping up with the Joneses” and the false expectations and limitations people put on you has you wondering –

  • Is this really your  life?
  • When will it ever be time to do and accomplish what matters to YOU in your life?

You’re bombarded with messages every day that tell you this is all there is, and that make you feel like you don’t deserve better:

And Those Messages Are All Wrong

Yes, You CAN Break Out of That Toxic Cycle

Now you might be thinking to yourself…

  • Does he really know what he’s talking about?
  • Has he felt the way I felt, or been through the things I’ve been through?

You bet – in fact, we are probably more alike than you think.

For a long time, I pretended to be “ok” on the outside – even as my personal disappointment was gnawing away at me inside.

You ever feel that way too?

I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights… wondering if this was all there was to life, and why I always felt so far from what I wanted to have in life, and who I wanted to be.


I remember wanting so much to change, to get to the “next level” in my life…

But I had no idea how…

I wanted something different…

But I felt suffocated by this endless cycle of always just getting by.


I Was Hopelessly, Endlessly Stuck In A Rut

I worked and worked….

I felt like I never did anything “for me.”

My sleep and health were suffering, and yet I never seemed to have time to do anything about it.

I was always spinning in a hamster wheel,
running in place, but never getting ahead

Have you ever felt that way?  

Let’s be frank – working hard and not getting anywhere is a sure path to being miserable and hating your life.

But I learned I didn’t have to live that way…

I was able to snap out of that dead end, hopeless path that was leading me nowhere… draining me of all the happiness and joy I wanted to feel.

And what I happened to stumble upon totally changed my life for the best.

What’s more, it didn’t take a ton of effort or hard work.

No, this isn’t a story of how I sucked it up, “pulled myself up by my bootstraps” and slogged my way to success.  

The truth about how it really happened is…

I struggled until I discovered a few techniques that led to massive change in every area of my life.

Once I started doing what I’ll show you… things started going my way, almost by amazing coincidence.

Within a week… the anxiety, stress, and worry that used to drain me was gone.

I stopped feeling trapped and started feeling excited for what would happen next.

In fact I want you to make note of this lesson right now, something I’ve touched on above – but I want it to be crystal clear:

Change does not have to be difficult. It can be easy – you just need to learn the right techniques.

Here’s a second, related lesson I’ve learned:

We have been led to believe change takes a long time, and that people cannot change – but this is simply not true.

The Truth Is: You CAN Change

And…change does not have to take a long time.

Change can happen in an instant, and the results can come quickly, once you learn how – and see that it is possible.

Depending on where you are in your life, those two lessons might sound hard to believe right now….

But it’s the truth.

And they are two of the most powerful lessons I’ve learned in the last two decades.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg though. That’s barely scratching the surface!

In this journey, I found that the secret
to living  an amazing, perfect life…
the kind of happy, exciting life
you know you deserve...

Takes ONE Simple Thing

And It’s NOT Hard Work Or a Lot of Effort

Whether you want more money… better relationships with friends and family… more happiness… a body you’d love to show off… there is one simple step that will bring you everything you could ever want in your life.

While others keep spinning in circles, frustrated and getting nowhere… you’re using these techniques to make quick, easy and massive change in your life.

And when that happens… you’ll bring in the money, love, happiness, and joy you’ve wanted.

It’s true:  When you master just doing this one thing... you can stop procrastinating and be motivated to build your ideal life that leaves you content and fulfilled every day.

You’ll Wake Up Every Day Excited and Loving Life!

Gone are the days of feeling tired, laying around procrastinating ….
And then later, laying in bed worried and regretting that you wasted the day.

Instead, you’re feeling energized, motivated, excited, and simply loving your new life.

You’ll be in total control…and getting better every day.

So, Let Me Ask… Are You Ready?

Are you ready for the one secret that will help you achieve more in one month than you used to achieve in years?

If you’re ready – really ready – to experience dramatic, positive change in your life, here’s what you need to do.

Okay, So Here’s the Secret…

If you’re not happy in ANY area of your life right now… you can use the magic “Power of Action” so that with minimum effort, you can get the desired results you want!

(And no, I don’t just mean “get off your butt and do it.”  We’ve all heard that advice, and we know empty phrases like that aren’t helping anybody.)

Yes, you are master of your own destiny.

And yes, you can be master of your own time.

But you can’t do it following the same old things you’ve always done – because the things you’ve been taught before are simply not proven or based on what scientificallyworks.

You might be wondering…what makes the specific techniques and strategies I’ve discovered so different? And …

Why Hasn’t Someone Else Discovered
And Taught This To You Before?

The truth is – it was really difficult for me to track down these techniques…

I’m a bit of a research nut – when something in my life isn’t working, I HAVE TO find out why… I HAVE TO know the answer…

So I’ll do anything – study books, emulate successful people – and even dig through dense research studies that would put normal people to sleep!  

I’m talking about real, scientifically proven techniques that put your action and success practically on auto-pilot – so you glide your way through life, and are able to stay motivated easily.

If you keep taking the same ineffective steps you’re taking now or have taken, its going to lead you to the same exact place.

So, if you want to start achieving and having all you want in your life…
If you want the kind of extraordinary dream life you want to live….

You need to master the power of focused action towards the things that matter most in getting you where you want to be… and you need the right techniques so you don’t lose focus, procrastinate or lose motivation.


Most people either take ZERO action towards the things they want… or they take action and fizzle out.

In other words… they live a life of “yo-yo” productivity and motivation just like some folks live a life of “yo-yo” dieting.

And there’s no disrespect here, I’ve been there…..

One day I would be super motivated and productive, the next day I was eating Cheetos and binge-watching Netflix.

Do you know what happens when you live like that?

I did, until I changed…

Your progress is up and down, all over the place – and you can never really get anywhere.

(In fact, if I didn’t change…that was a sure path to regretting missed opportunities and a wasted life)

But this isn’t your fault….

I’ve been there, and this is the way society has set us up to fail!

So that’s why you’ve got to use these scientifically proven methods to grab control of your life.

If you don’t use these secrets to change your life, nobody else will care or do it for you!

Believe me, taking consistent, massive action towards THE most important goals is the BIGGEST key to designing and living a life you love.

This is what separates all high-earning, highly successful people from those who are just barely making ends meet.

When you take laser focused action towards the things that matter and things that will make an immediate difference in your life…

Things Start to Improve Literally Overnight

THAT is when you can start building your perfect dream life, from the ground up.

That’s what I did a few years ago… when I finally got tired of feeling totally stuck in my life, I decided to learn how to truly change my life for the better.

I turned myself into your personal “guinea pig”

I started poring through research journals and hunkered down with my books.

I began studying and modeling successful people and finding out what kinds of actions they took to reach that success.

Then I started shamelessly copying what they were doing and using it in my own life.

I spent the next few years of my life studying and researching success… so I could create and design my life exactly how I wanted it.

And along the way, was stunned at how quickly I achieved everything I wanted in my life.

And Since That Decision To Take Massive Action…

My Life Improved More In ONE Year …
Than It Did In The Previous Ten!

Amazingly, none of this required hard work
but just following some simple techniques.  

After years and years of busting my butt, working SO HARD for so little…

I was blown away at how easy it was to achieve all of the things I had been missing before.

I was able to
… beat procrastination
… easily stay motivated
… more than double my productivity
… create my ideal dream life, where I do what I want on my terms…

And it was actually easier than creating the
depressing, stagnant life I had been living before. 

During this time, I kept studying success and made such drastic improvements… other people started asking me how I did it.

Well, I soon realized that this same process could help out so many other people… people who were not happy where they were and wanted so much more in their lives…but were unsure about how to get it and what steps to take. 

So… after years of studying, working with clients, and breaking things down to exactly what worked….

I created The Action Solution to be the one system that bridges the gap between where you are…

And where you want to, and deserve to, be.

It’s THE proven blueprint I used to build the kind of perfect, extraordinary dream life I once thought was impossible.

Once I was able to master just a few simple techniques… everything started falling into place. 

And I MUST help you experience the same thing.

I know the same blueprint I created for myself can help you get more out of life and lead you right to the things you want.

Along the way, I’ve refined and perfected my system… so that it works even better to help you reach your goals and dreams.

These are all scientifically proven techniques, so the fact is…

The Action Solution is the fast, proven and easy way to improve all areas of your life….

Without Much Hard Work At All!

It won’t be hard work because you’ll know exactly what you need to do!

(Instead of trying and failing over and over to figure out what works, which is what I had to do.)

With the lessons I’ve learned…you can cut right to the precise, scientific and time tested methods that work.

You can use my blueprint and proven system to reach all of the important goals you want for yourself.

You will be given the “final answers” after years of my research to develop a plan, beat procrastination and stay motivated to completely change your life permanently for the best.

You’ll Achieve More While Enjoying Life…
And It Only Gets Better

I promise… once you start taking consistent action towards the important things in each area of your life…

It will be like a snowball rolling down hill,
faster and faster, gaining momentum.

As you go along, you’ll find that reaching your goals and dreams starts happening evenmore quickly and more easily because of this momentum.

Because you’re seeing improved changes in your life…
you’ll be even more motivated to keep taking action!

And THAT, my friend, is how the real magic happens.

You’ll get so excited from reaching goals you once thought were unattainable… your motivation skyrockets and you’ll want to start reaching more goals.

You’ll realize that nothing can stop you… and you’ll know that you’re on your way to living the kind of magical life that most people can only dream about.

The Action Solution will show you the secret of using focused action towards the things that will make a difference in your life.

Once you start taking action towards the things that matter… all of the struggle of the past disappears.

No more frustration or depression from trying so hard… yet achieving so little (and knowing you are capable of and deserve so much better!).

You’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the love, happiness, joy, and unlimited abundance that’s now flowing into your life.

It Took Two Decades, But I Mastered It –
(So Now You Can Skip The Trial and Error)

Hi, my name is Sid Savara and I created the Action Solution after two decades and thousands of hours researching what works

(Followed by hundreds of experiences I’ve had trying techniques and failing before I finally succeeded)

These days, I’ve been featured and seen in dozens of top selling books, on the radio, and articles in

  • Time Magazine
  • Fortune
  • CNN
  • Forbes
  • Lifehacker
  • Zen Habits
  • Wikipedia
  • NBC News
  • CBS News
  • The Washington Post
  • U.S. News and World Report
  • Inc. Magazine.
  • Fast Company
  • The Huffington Post

But most importantly – I’ve helped thousands of men and women be able to reach their dreams and live with more happiness, joy, love, high levels of productivity, business success, career satisfaction, better health and wealth.

I started from nothing, and I’ve spoken at conferences and given seminars as one of the top personal development trainers in the world.

My extensive work with clients to find out what works has led to an international audience and client list – along with a dedicated following across the globe.

I lead masterminds, mentor people one-on-one around the world – and to date have helped over a million people through my writing and training.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I remember what it was like laying in bed at night and wondering is this really all there is?

I discovered the techniques The Action Solution out of sheer frustration from following the old advice of “work hard” and “just do it” – and not seeing the results I deserved, and definitely not as quickly as I deserved.

That’s When I Set Out To Change My Life

Along the way, I kept track of what worked and what didn’t when it came to achieving the kind ofreal life results that I wanted.

And sure enough, after a very short time…

I was able to change my life and reach all of the goals I set in each area that was important to me.

  • I was able to advance up the corporate ladder like crazy – and build a successful consulting business on the side where I get to choose which clients I want to work with.
  • I live in a large house a mile from the beach here in Hawaii… where it’s literally a tropical paradise each day.
  • I went from 30 pounds overweight… to losing that 30 pounds and gaining about 45 pounds of lean, solid muscle… staying at my perfect, ideal body weight.
  • I go for 3 to 5 miles along the beach paths regularly… and LOVE it instead of dreading it like I did when I was overweight.
  • I’m able to take those dream vacations I never had the time or money to before … and now I’m the one posting pictures online of the awesome places I’m visiting and adventures I’m having!
  • I went from being the guy in the audience…to being the guy on stage, speaking at conferences and workshops, and being sought after for interviews year round (which is still surreal to think how far I’ve come)

I’m Happy in EVERY Area of my Life (And You Can Be Too)

There’s nothing that’s causing the frustration or disappointment I used to deal with.

I’m blessed to have love, happiness, financial success, the body I want, ownership of my time, a high level of satisfaction across the board…. and most important, real joy in living my life these days.

Now, let me just say… that none of this is meant to brag.

Not at all.

I just want to stress to you…

What I’ve discovered works, and you need to use these techniques if you are not satisfied in your life.

Because of my swift and sudden success… I knew I wanted to serve others and help them achieve the same kind of 360 degree lifestyle change that I did.

So, after helping dozens of clients one on one and making sure I knew what I was talking about really worked, and perfecting the strategies and techniques…

I sat down I took all those years of heartache, failure, researching and learning and boiled it down to the precise methods that worked.

For you, I’ve designed a step-by-step blueprint that can take you from where you are now… to where you want to be in the fastest and easiest way.

Instead of relying on hard work and trial and error…

I’ll show you how to be smart about using your time, and how it’s about taking directed, focused action on a few key areas of your life.

And once you take action on the things that matter…you’ll get exactly what you want. 

Once I started following the steps in The Action Solution… in a short time I was able to create my perfect life, and

Using these exact same techniques, I’ve helped my clients create success in theirs.

You Can Create Your Own Dream Life Too!

In fact, you’ll do it faster than I did because you’ll have the blueprint I created along the way.

You can skip the trial and error… and just start using these proven techniques to achieve all the important things that actually matter.


Hard work, for the sake of doing hard work, means nothing when it comes to success.

It’s all about focusing your attention on the things that matter… the things that will lead to your desired outcome.

Are You Satisfied With Your Results Right Now?

Here’s a fact:

If you keep doing what you’ve always done,
you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.

If You want Different RESULTS…
You MUST Use Different Strategies

You can’t just do more of what you’ve been doing.

You can’t expect to work harder, doing the same things and achieve a different outcome.

It’s about using these powerful techniques to put yourself in a totally different frame of mind:

One where you don’t procrastinate, you feel motivated, you have a plan – and effortlessly use the Power of Action to get what you desire.

You’ll Get All My Techniques – The Complete Blueprint

Instead of hopelessly trying different things, hoping something works… you’ll be able to achieve 10 times the results in half the time… simply by using these powerful techniques.

If you’ve been struggling to get where you want to be, or have what you want to have… believe me, I understand because I have too.

And it wasn’t until I realized that…. 

Working Harder Isn’t The Answer!

The thing that changed it all for me was learning these powerful, simple techniques that totally changed the way I achieved what mattered in my life.

Before I’d just try anything, working hard and doing what what I thought I “had” to do… because it’s how I had always done it or how everyone else did.

What it really came down to was applying these techniques for powerful action, so that I could leverage my time better – and really…

Be so much more effective than I had ever been before.

All these years… I had been spending so much time, effort, and energy on the WRONG way of things. Once I started taking action using these powerful, strategic, simple techniques…

That’s What Changed Everything For Me

And truth be told, it will change everything for you as well.

If you are not where you want to be in your life right now, these techniques will change all of that for you -I’m sure of that.

Because this one simple change is the ONLY way you can keep moving forward… towards the life you want.

With each passing day, it will become easier to continue working towards your dreams and goals. And once you reach them… you’ll set newer and higher goals.

And it will help you achieve more in your life, in a short time, than you could ever imagine possible.

With These Techniques, Things Fall into Place Like Magic

Coincidences happen… almost as if to help you when you need it.

People show up in your life, almost out of no where… to help you get what you want.

Why? Because your entire life has changed

Opportunities you never saw before, seem obvious to you now.


Because your mind is “primed” to see things that other people let pass by.

And your newfound awareness of time makes it easy for you to avoid procrastinating – and instead be extremely productive and effective, without being stressed out.

And once you start achieving all of this success… you become motivated to continue achieving newer and loftier goals.

You will become an unstoppable force
that goes after and achieves all your hopes and dreams.

This is how an amazing life is created… and you’ll be able to do it, once and for all.

And That’s What The Action Solution Will Do For You!

The Action Solution is an advanced, easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint for personal development and massive productivity developed through research, testing and mentorship over the past two decades.

You get time tested techniques to effortlessly become more productive, overcome procrastination, and live the kind of life you love.

The Action Solution is NOT like anything you’ve even seen before.

Everything you’ll get is 100% Tested, “What’s Working For Real People” techniques and strategies – many of which are not published anywhere else except in scientific papers or academic books.

I Guarantee You This…

Within a single week, you’ll start seeing progress in your life….

And you’ll know deep down that the tools you are using contain *everything* you need to create MASSIVE change in your life – and start making progress on what really matters to you.


You will begin applying an exercise that has been responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in my life…and more importantly, has lead me to accomplish the goals I’ve wanted most.

Best Of All…It’s Easy (And You’ll See Results Fast)

The vast majority of what you’ll learn during the The Action Solution is what I call “Plug and Play”…

Quick fixes and tweaks that take minutes each to implement in your life.

When you use them together… they build on each other, and each technique you apply makes you more productive across the board.

The training will be delivered in easy to consume modules and broken up into short, 5 – 20 minute videos so you can easily “press pause” and take a break.

This is way beyond … and far more comprehensive… than just “time management.”

The Action Solution does more than help you make the best of the time you have.

It gives you the tools, insight, and guidance you need to overhaul your entire life so you’re highly productive, motivated and have a laser-like focus on your personal life plan so that you reach all your goals.

You’ll Master Proven Techniques

You will learn how to to get focused, stop procrastinating and achieve the kind of life you want and deserve.

Every single piece of the training is built on the real success I’ve had in my own life as well as with hundreds of coaching clients.

Everything you will learn flat-out works.

Unlike the other courses that just offer motivational “rah rah” cheering sessions that leave you wondering what you need to do…

The Action Solution is focused on bringing you real results through practical, easy to use strategies and techniques.

Access Training Anywhere
At Home, Your Phone, On Your Tablet.

This is the only personal development course of it’s kind with in depth training in a variety of formats, to make it easy for you to learn in the way that’s best for you.

From training slides, to online video, video you can download to your phone and worksheets that you can immediately that action on.

You won’t need any special equipment for this training.

You can access it from your laptop, iPhone or tablet. Streaming Videos, Video Downloads, MP3 Audio, PDF Slides, PDF Action Worksheets

Everything you could possibly want, available to you anywhere you could possibly want to use it.

Here’s What’s Included In This
Advanced, Easy To Use Training

  1. Full Action Solution Program. This contains everything you need to stop procrastinating, put together your plan and put it into action.
    • Advanced Training Modules:Spread out over 4 months, you’ll get in-depth training in audio and video recordings. The videos are broken down into easy to follow pieces, so no single video is longer than 20 minutes. You’ll have specific steps to take and you’ll start seeing the results within a few days of starting the program.
    • Custom, Action worksheets and Exercises. These show you step-by-step how to use the research proven, real life tested techniques-and get results in your life.
    • Lifetime access. This training course is all you will ever need. You will refer back to over and over again throughout your life
  2. Mentorship Calls Short, direct access to advice from me for real, specific challenges you will face in your life. These downloadable recordings are put together based on questions people just like you have asked me.  This advice is not found anywhere in my blog – it’s only shared with this select group, but I never reveal anyone’s personal information.
  3. Action Items– These quick, easy to implement tips will help you take control of one aspect of your life, or improve your productivity in one specific way. Great for when you’re taking a break from the course, or as a refresher.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in Each Module:

Overview & Introduction
  • Core Success Trends – How successful people really spend their time (based on in depth research that you won’t find anywhere else)
  • My Secret Daily Ritual – The single most powerful secret to my success – that has literally changed my life every day since I discovered it (and it only takes a few minutes a day).
  • Habit Transformation – How to transform from bad to healthy habits so the flow of your life moves effortlessly toward your highest goals
  • Personal Change Agents – The truth about how to make a profound shift in your life (and the exact actions that you must take to avoid failure).
  • Personal Development’s Top Problems – The “biggest problems” in personal development that you’ll tackle using proven tested methods (Hint: yes procrastination is one of them. Focusing on these will get you far greater results when you put the techniques together than anything else)
  • Perfect Alignment – How to live a life where everything you do is fully in line with what you truly want to do (When you start living this way, you’ll accomplish more and sleep satisfied every night)
  • Secrets From The Masters – The best lessons from great achievers’ biographies, mentoring and coaching (I reveal it all)
  • Killer Focus – Step-by-step how to focus on what matters most to you.  You’ll make the most every moment knowing you are doingexactly what you were meant to do.
  • Major Failure Pitfalls – I’ll cover the primary reasons people fail – and show you step by step how you can beat the odds and have a plan in place to beat common obstacles
  • Enough Spinning Your Wheels! – Step-by-step we’ll discuss how to get you on track
  • The Desires & Obstacles Exercise -In depth worksheets that will bring you to what you actually desire in your life – and help you pinpoint what’s standing in your way, and the best strategies to apply to overcome it
  • Rut Busting – How to get out of a rut, develop a natural ability to stop wasting your time, and start accomplishing your goals
  • Success Patterns & Un-Patterns (a.k.a. Why Some People Never Succeed) – what the research shows that successful people do differently, and how you can apply it to your life (As well as what the Unsuccessful people do – so you can avoid it)
  • The RIGHT Course Of Action – How to avoid charging off and wasting your energy and time in the wrong direction – and instead, make the right choices in your life so that every second matters and everything you do moves you closer to what matters
  • The Overthinking Trap – How to avoid being someone who constantly “thinks” about what to do next, but never end up actually getting anything they want out of their lives
  • Two Paths To Major Life Change – There are two major ways that you MUST master to change your life…and you’ll learn how you can change your life today, AND ensure the change sticks for the rest of your life.
  • Daily Motivation Booster – The secret “a-ha” moment I had one day while I was out running – and how it changed the way I approached my goals forever
  • THE Scientific Success Trait – I found this buried in scientific literature – but this single trait is linked with academic success, diet success and even higher income. You must master it if you want ot success in your life.
  • Power Phrases – How a *single phrase* can completely alter how successful you are in completing a task and the research study that backs it up
  • Make Decisions – FAST – How to BREAK THE CYCLE of agonizing over the choices in your lives…so you’re sure you don’t overlook precious opportunities, and always head in the right direction in your life.

Cornerstone #1:
“Your Worldview”
Retraining Your Mind For Success

  • Thought Success Patterns – You’ll discover the patterns and mindsets that affect the choices you make at a subconscious level – and how to retrain your mind for success
  • Defeating Internal Sabotage – I’ll show you how your own thoughts may be SABOTAGING you – and how to instead retrain your mind to support your goals
  • Mastering Mindset – the set of core changes that will turn you into the type of person who automatically goes after what they want in their life…and gets it.
  • Increased Mental Energy – How to get into an energized state where you’re ready for anything
  • Instant Productivity Booster -A powerful technique that you can use to immediately give yourself a “boost” when you are feeling lost, confused – or unproductive
  • Rewrite Your Personal Soundtrack – I’ve done the boring scientific research, and I know exactly how to rewrite your “internal dialogue” to lead you to success. You need to know this information to be the most effective.
  • Have Your Brain “Push You” To Be Better – More scientific research – the secret to using your words to get your brain “on your side” – rather than questioning you and holding you back.
  • Positive Self-Talk The Right Way – Did you know so much “positive self talk” advice is wrong – and that you might actually be HURTING your chances of success if you are using it the way many other authors have taught? I’ll show you the right way based on – you guessed it – scientific research.

Cornerstone #2:
“Your Compass”
Defining The Direction Of Your Life

  • Your Perfect Course – The difference between being just working quickly versus actually making progress on what matters in your life – and how to set the perfect course for yourself.
  • Make It Happen – Break out of the rut of having “great ideas” that never seem to make it out of your head and into reality
  • How To Actually Follow Through On Your Plans – Do you feeling like you have too many plans but not enough follow through?  Learn how to break that cycle.
  • Defeating Distractions So You Stay On Course – Avoid distractions that don’t contribute to your life’s mission and goals
  • Set Goals And Actually Achieve Them – Most people go about setting goals all wrong – and it’s no surprise to me now that they don’t achieve them.  Follow the techniques I teach you and not only will the path becomes crystal clear – but you can guarantee success.

Cornerstone #3:
“Your Internal Tie Breakers”
Make The Right Choice, Every Time – And Feel Great About It

  • The Simple Way To Easily Make Even The Most Difficult Decisions –  A simple way to know you’ll always make the right decision – even the difficult ones (n=
  • No More Second Guessing – You’ll be confident that you’re making the right life choices every time when you follow this simple strategy (simple NOW-  it took me decades to learn!)
  • Moving Forward When You’re Not Motivated – End this cornerstone with greater motivation and be able to accomplish tasks even when you’re not motivated
  • RIGHT Things First – Proven techniques and strategies to put your most important projects first, so you can finally get them done

Cornerstone #4:
“Ultimate Control of Your Calendar”
How To Always Do What Matters Most In Your Life

  • Free Time That Matters – Creating free time in your life that is truly FREE…free of guilt, free of stress, and free of feeling anxious for not being “busy”
  • Only What Counts – The only tasks you should care about and cut out the garbage. This can completely change the way you work.
  • Your Ideal Day – How to have a plan every day, and know you’re always doing the right thing – at the right time – even when you are spending time enjoying yourself!
  • Perfect Balance – How to easily schedule what you have going on in your life — especially if you feel “stretched thin” or like you are “dabbling around” in many things.
  • Time For Me – Free up more time after the tasks you “have to do” so you can pursue your own interests
  • Critical Focus – How to zero in on critical tasks and organize each day. You’ll not only get more done faster – but get the RIGHT things done.
  • Balance Your Overscheduled Calendar – A way to balance a busy 12-14 hour day with effective time management skills so you still get the most out of every day – but without overwhelm or overwork.
  • Effective Prioritizing – Why most people get it totally wrong, and how you can spend your life doing what is most important to you
  • Someday Busters – How to actually get started on your projects instead of preparing for “Someday” (you know what I’m talking about – those things you’ve always wanted to do, but never seem to find the time to d0)

Cornerstone #5:
“Vanquishing Your Personal Vampires”
Remove Energy Sucking Hang-Ups From Your Life

  • Thieves Of Life – Eliminating the negative influences in your life that hold you back
  • YOU-Based Priorities – Determine what’s most important to you and define exactly what you will do to invest in those priorities
  • Fastest Path To Success – How to identify and finish the critical tasks that are REALLY going to make a difference in your life – versus spending time on low-value tasks that leave you drained and don’t really get you anywhere
  • Simple & Successful – How to keep life simple and in order – and yet accomplish more than people who have complicated planners.
  • Doing What Matters Most – How to say no and how to know when too much is too much.
  • Finishing What Counts – How to finish projects & decide what projects to let go of (even when some are unfinished – and feel GOOD about it).
  • No Regrets – How to know you’re spending every moment on what really matters, so you don’t regret the projects you pass up on.
  • Energy Drains No More – Remove the soul-sucking drains on your energy from life (you may not even realize some of these are draining your energy)
  • Drop It – And Don’t Regret it – Free yourself from the stress of projects that no longer matter to you
  • Feel Better and Do What Really Matter – Make more time and energy for the things that actually matter to you
  • Stop The Self Sabotage – Break the bad habits that drag you down (and eliminate behaviors that are holding you back from being happy)

Here’s What You’ll Enjoy During and After the Course:

  • Build your extraordinary, perfect dream life that you fall head over heads in love with
  • Learn exactly what it takes to have everything in your life FINALLY go your way
  • No more feeling like you’re ‘running in circles’ on the hamster wheel called life
  • Live an AMAZING life, where you have more and do MORE
  • Eliminate feeling stressed out because you’re not achieving everything you want in life
  • Get what you want without a ton of hard work… focusing effort on the things that matter
  • No more feeling out of control of your life… you’ll replace it with fast, real-world results
  • Stop struggling and getting nowhere. Enjoy a life with everything you’ve ever wanted!

If you’re not as happy as you want… if you wake up every day trying to change, but never able to make it stick, if what you’ve tried so far isn’t working…

You MUST Change What You’re Doing

The Action Solution gives you a plan based on what matters to you and where you want to go

  • You’ll stop wasting your time on what doesn’t matter and start focusing on what does.
  • You’ll use strategies to make time for what matters most to you and focus your energy so you can make the most of your life… while minimizing time spent on things that don’t really matter.


I’ve spent the last few years helping people just like you get real results.  Some of the ways their lives have changed include:

  • Achieving more than they ever thought was possible, and truly living up to their potential (and yes, I believe you can do this too)
  • Finally making the money they want, that they never thought they deserved (and with less work than they thought)
  • Totally taking control of their time, even when they were overwhelmed and felt helpless (without stressing over some system)
  • Getting to where they really know where their life is going, have a plan – and be happy about it, every day

Do you want to hear specifics?
Here’s What People Say, In Their Own Words…

REAL People Who Have Already Changed Their Lives

“I am So Excited About My Life”

“Sid, I just wanted to thank you for helping me to change my life.

For me, it was the format of your course that made it so successful. Being able to tackle my life one little bit at a time made it so much easier and much more effective.

Introducing each idea separately, building on the last over a period of time with your emails, updates and inspirational tid-bits kept me going.

Here it is at the end of your course, and I am wishing it wasn’t over… so I am going to start at the beginning again and continue to work on becoming the efficient, organized, successful person I want to be.

I am more focused and have established three very important and helpful habits as a result of the Action Solution: I feel so much more balanced, grounded and aware of where I am going and why.

I am so excited about my life….I am making true progress.
– Dawn Elise

“My Productivity Has Really Improved”

“Guess what?

You are my favorite motivator. I am so thankful for having you and your teachings in my life.

I am always motivated by your messages. Thanks to your teaching, I know there is nothing I cannot do.

I appreciate for the professional advice that you always share. Every day your words encourage me and my productivity has really improved. ”
– Andione Khundi

“I Am Able To Stay On Track In My Life”

“Sid, I used to have a problem of not being able to stick to a decision.

I always abandon decisions that I made, it’s like I lose my willpower and then I find my self not able to do what I decided to do.

I have been struggling with my dream of becoming a medical doctor, I had been having limiting thoughts.

But all that is in the past! I’m now starting the journey to my dream and I am able to stay on track in my life. I am decisive, I know what I am doing, and I feel so certain for once in my life that I can actually do it.

I’m grateful, my life will never remain the same. “
– Chukwudi Eke

“I Started Doing Things I Had Been Procrastinating On For The Last Five Years”

“I am very proud of being part of your self development course.

The course has enabled me take a very different perspective of my life and started doing things that I had been procrastinating on for the last five years.

In my bid to become a big social entrepreneur, I am now running a business I am very proud of today. This course marks one of the achievements of the past year.

Thanks Sid.”
– Elijah Kalii

“My Greatest Mentor”

“Sid shines as a mentor and a coach.

He has been my greatest mentor in my blogging career.

His advice and the way he dispenses that unique advice is a skill that few possess as well as Sid. He has offered me invaluable advice time and again.

It has been a blessing to know Sid.”
– Farnoosh Brock

“My Business Is Headed In The Right Direction

“When I first met Sid, I was closing down my web development business. This was at the start of the Great Recession. To be honest, I didn’t know what I was going to do next and more than a little scared.

Since then, I’ve been meeting with Sid almost every month. Each time we met, Sid challenged me take a fresh look at how I think about my business.

I may not have all the answers, but Sid pushed me to take action on what I do know.

As my new business continues to evolve and mature, business is growing – and so am I.  My business is headed in the right direction. Not only that: I am happy with the new creative work I’m developing.

If I had not started meeting with Sid when I did, I probably would still be going in circles.”
– Nestor Trillo

“A Great, Simple Approach To Getting Results”

“The Action Solution is definitely not a complex, overbearing program.  It’s a great, simple approach to getting the results you want, rather than just theoretical ideas.

I also like that it’s based in personal reflection, so that the actions you take are aligned with your values – rather than being forced into a particular path or way of life, The Action Solution helps you determine your true core values, and live a life in alignment with what you truly desire.”
– Ajai Raj

“I See Myself Being More Focused”

“The Action Solution course has started to make tremendous impacts in my life.

It has truly been helping me so far in overcoming procrastination.

My studies have tremendously improved and I see myself being more focused.”
– Vanessa Williams

“The Action Solution Literally
Kicked Start My Life When It Needed That Kick.”

“I’ve been a fan of Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar, and Tony Robbins since I was 18.

Now, I have another name that I’m adding to my personal list of people who have helped me achieve more in my life – Sid Savara.

The Action Solution literally kicked start my life when it needed that kick.

Having recently gone through some challenges in my life, I found that I was kinda just going through the motions. And one day, I just came across Sid’s program that was on my computer.

Well, it didn’t take long before I started feeling more motivated… and within the next few weeks, using Sid’s information, I was back working on my business, my health, and everything else important to me.

I can honestly say that I went from a place of feeling sluggish and not motivated… to using Sid’s program to reach almost all of the goals I had set for myself in each area of my life. ”
– Shawn Lebrun

“Finally, I’m Getting Things Done”

“Having recently graduated from college, I found myself more frustrated than ever at my seeming inability to move past my issues with procrastination and just plain inefficiency that kept me from getting things done, along with some personal anxiety issues.

Though I was determined not to give up, it got tough at times, and sometimes I just wondered if I’d be doomed to watch my dreams and opportunities fly right past me

I recently started The Action Solution and really working towards improving the things that had been troubling me for years. The best way I could describe how it feels would be like finally seeing that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

The Effortless Productivity module literally took me from being completely uncertain of my next move, feeling like I was shrouded in a fog, and gave me a sense of clarity so that I could finally move forward. The efficient method that Sid provides in the module to increase personal productivity is not only incredibly effective; it is also very easy to remember and to successfully implement in your own life, which is truly key to making lasting progress.

It enabled me to make time for my job, my friends and family, and studying for the GRE’s- all while feeling freer and more content that I had in longer than I could remember.

No matter what stage of life you’re in- whether you’re starting out like me, or an older professional, and everything in between- I strongly urge you to give the Action Solution a try. It gave me a sense of hope that I thought I wouldn’t be able to attain.

I no longer feel like I’m alone in this, fighting a losing uphill battle against procrastination and inefficiency.

Finally, I’m getting things done, and that sense of purpose and the ability to finally believe in myself and my own possibilities is priceless.

Thank you so much, Sid.
– Shama Huq

“Definitely Worth The Time And Money!”

“This is NOT your typical personal development program!

I’m a personal development junkie. I’ve read all of Brian Tracy’s books, I’ve seen all of Brendon Burchard’s videos, I’ve been to Tony Robbins events. All of those programs are excellent, but there’s a reason they call those programs “motivational.” They motivate you, but for how long? To do what?

For me personally, I walk out of seminars feeling like I can conquer the world. Then I look at the mountain of things I need to do to just achieve one more goal and I turn around and walk away.

The Action Solution differs from all of these programs. Where those programs give you tactics to stay productive and motivated, The Action Solution is all about introspection, and there are very few programs that deal with introspection.

Change starts from within; you need to change yourself if you want to change your results. And not only change yourself; change what you feed your mind as well!

I really think The Action Solution is a misnomer; The Success Solution would have been much more appropriate because I can’t think of a single successful person who hasn’t followed the formula in some way.

Sid has organized the entire program very neatly; it is very easy to find which module you are looking for.

One word of advice. Do not look at the price of The Action Solution as a cost to yourself. Look at it as an investment in your success. Don’t look at what it costs. Look at what it would cost if you didn’t take this course.

If you’re down on your luck now, doing nothing will not help you. Jumping from shiny thing to shiny thing won’t make you rich; trust me, I’ve been there!

Commit to going through the entire course; it is definitely worth the time and money!”
-Rasheed Bustamam

“I Found Myself Surprised With How Productive I Can Actually Be”

“Greetings, Sid!

I’m here to share with you my results with the new tools I’ve recently learned.

I’m pleased to say the Effortless Productivity System has reshaped my former thoughts on time-management. Who knew being productive could be so easy?!

I’m amazed after trying out the techniques I learned, that I was gliding through tasks without the headache of not knowing where to go next. It provides me with an excellent method for staying focused and achieving a positive outcome.

Today, I used the Effortless Productivity System to mark off a few things on my “to-do” list.

I found myself surprised with how productive I can actually be, since taking note of my time allowed me to see exactly where my time is going.

I really like this so much for keeping track of my business hours. It’s going to help me see how much time I’m actually investing in this new business and what I’m getting back. As well, it will keep me informed on how to manage my business appropriately.”
– Mahli Hilha

YES: You Can Get These Results Too

You can see for your own eyes it’s true:
People get real results  through
the advanced, easy to use strategies in
The Action Solution…

And you can use the Action Solution to see the same results in your own life.

You now have access to the same blueprint you need to completely transform your life into the kind of dream life that most people can’t imagine.

And you don’t have to wait for
things to just “happen to you” now.

You’re going to be the person who owns your time and your life.. you will effortlessly create the life you want every single day.

Once this happens, you’ll SEE your life improve for the very best… right before your eyes.

No more frustration, no more hard work, no more struggle, no more confusion about what you need to do. Instead, you’ll go through each day effortlessly getting exactly what you want.

 When you start taking action… you’ll see how reaching your goals and dreams can  happen faster than you ever though possible. You’ll become even more motivated to reach more goals and even higher goals.

THIS is how an extraordinary, perfect dream life happens.

It’s by constantly and continuously moving forward… taking action on the things that truly matter to you.

You’ll start to realize that anything and everything you could ever want to have, be, or do in your life… you can have it if you want it.

And once you’re on track towards all the things you want… you’ll realize that motivation will help you reach even more goals… to the point where you literally become unstoppable.

Believe me, once you’re at this point… you’ll notice life becomes magical. Whether it’s love, money, friends, family, joy, or happiness… you’ll realize you really can have anything.

That’s right… you’re finally living the life you had wanted and dreamed of for so long.

And It Doesn’t Take A Ton of Effort

As you’ve seen… “working hard” doesn’t guarantee success.

In fact – I bet you’ve experienced what I have, where you work hard and the results just aren’t there

No – what you need to master is the secrets successful people use to quickly accomplish their most important things… you’ll see results faster and easier.

Not only that, you’ll replace stress with happiness, joy, and complete peace of mind.

Taking Effective Action
(With These Proven Techniques) Is
The SECRET to Living The Life You Want

No Matter Where You are Right Now…
You Can Still get where you want to be…

It doesn’t matter where you are right now …
Or where you’ve been.

All that matters is where you want to go.

Even if you don’t have anything…
You can still get EVERYTHING

No matter where you are… you can still get where you want to go.

Your past does NOT equal your future

Believe me, I know –  I’ve helped people who have literally been diagnosed with depression and living in their parents’ basements, totally depressed with their life, turn their lives around – move out, start successful careers, but most important – love themselves and the lives they live.

At the other end of the spectrum, I’ve had doctors, lawyers, business owners, best selling authors come to me because they felt they were stuck in a rut – and I’ve showed them how to elevate their lives and achievements to higher levels than they ever thought possible.

If they can do it, so you can you.

But only if you are willing to do what it takes

If you’re willing to take this first step and join… you can have, be, or do anything you want. No matter where you are… you can use the Action Solution to achieve all you desire.

Remember, this is the same exact blueprint I’ve used to achieve everything I’ve ever wanted in my life.

And more importantly, I’ve coached hundreds of men and women to live the kind of extraordinary dream lives they once never thought was possible.

The Action Solution is…

Your very own step by step blueprint that shows you how to decide what actions to take, when to take them, and how to do it so you’re able to enjoy all the money, love, success, happiness, and joy you could ever want.

No matter what you want to have, do, or be in your life… The Action Solution Can Help you achieve it!

When you follow these scientifically proven, tested, simple techniques… you can literally build your perfect dream life from the ground up… and design it exactly how you want it.

No more living how others want you to live… no more living your life based on other peoples’ terms.

The Action Solution will have you living life on YOUR terms. 

Imagine a Life Where You
Wouldn’t Want to Change a Thing

Can you imagine living this kind of perfect life…

Where you have the money, love, happiness, joy, and success you want

Where you are productive, you have beaten procrastination – you’re doing the things you want to do, the things that matter to you and you have a feeling deep inside of you of self satisfaction and contentment.

Yes, that is what this is all about – being totally satisfied and at peace with how much you are doing and achieving.

Well, there’s no reason you have to imagine it… because if you follow the information that’s in the Action Solution…

Your Dream Life WILL Soon Become Reality!

So let me ask… if you were able to achieve a massive level of productivity…if you were able start making your dreams a reality…

If you were able to take charge of your time, so you can make more money than you’ve ever made before…  if you were able to complete those half-finished projects that there never seems to be enough time in the day for…

Would that be worth $500 to you?

If you were able to live an extraordinary, perfect life in which you had all the happiness, money, love, joy, and success you could ever want… is that worth $500 to you?

Well, let me just say… all of these are possible when you use the Action Solution…

But you won’t have to pay $500.

It won’t even cost you $400.

You can receive the Action Solution right now… and begin working towards your dream life right away, for much less.

Here’s a Special Offer Just for You…

Let me tell you from experience… investing in these courses over the last two decades has cost me tens of thousands of dollars.

I’ve bought books, attended trainings, sat in on seminars and hired high priced consultants to work with me one-on-one so I could learn everything they knew.

I literally flew across the ocean to meet with experts when I had the opportunity, because I craved the same answers to my burning questions that you crave now.

What’s more, coaching clients currently pay me $250 an hour to help them create their dream lives – and I literally cannot accept everyone who wants to work with me.

But now, from the comfort of your home… you can have me by your side, working with you all year long…

For even less than my $250 per hour fee.

When The Action Solution was made available in January 2012, the first person purchased and enrolled within minutes. Their purchase price was $1,497.

But if you join today, you won’t pay $1,497.
(Not Even Close)

Now, you won’t even pay half that…

In fact, you can get all 14 hours of training for less than it costs to hire me for an hour.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself, your future, and living your best life possible…

The Action Solution is all yours for just $247.

And since it’s all accessible online, you can get started on building your dream life right away.

This is a cutting edge, easy to follow, step-by-step “just push play” training series that will change your life in just minutes a day.

For less than a cup of coffee a day (and probably less than your cell phone bill) you can make an investment in yourself and benefit for the rest of your life.

You’ll Also Receive These 3 Gifts Worth Over $200,
Absolutely Free!

I want the best for you in your life, and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get you there.

If you order the Action Solution right now…

I’m going to include these free bonuses to make sure nothing stands in your way of having the life you deserve

Free Bonus #1: Effortless Productivity
($97 value)


The Effortless Productivity System

This system is what I use every day to be more productive.  I have spoken to lawyers, doctors, business owners, students and single moms (some with tears of joy in their eyes) as they have GUSHED about how this simple course changed their life.

It’s a simple three step system to help keep your projects moving and help you be MORE productive with LESS stress.

This video training collection is a $97 value… but yours free if you order Action Solution now.

Free Bonus #2: The Energy Solution
($47 value)

the-energy-solution-done-render-BUND009-some-manual-remove-cropped-no-reflectionThe Energy Solution

If you feel tired, unmotivated, or feel like you’re not operating at your highest levels during the day, this will show you how to perform with peak energy.
I’ll show you how these are all different types of energy, and the tips and strategies I use every day to maintain high levels of energy – so I can get done what I need to get done.

This video training collection is a course by itself, and is a $47 value

Free Bonus #3: Three Mentorship Lifelines
($250 value)


Three Mentorship “Lifelines”

I never want you to feel alone or like you are stuck in your life as you go through the course.

So up to three times when you need help, you can write in – and I’ll directly answer your question as a mentorship call.

  • I’ll give you exactly what you need to break through any obstacle you face.
  • I’ll always respond to you personally within 7 days (usually more like 48 hours) and then I’ll post an audio recording up for everyone else in the course, with identifying information removed.
  • A Bonus ON TOP OF the Bonus: if you notice something is missing or an oversight in the program, and bring it to my attention – I’ll give you an additional mentorship lifeline.

You could purchase an hour of my time separately for $250 – but for a limited time, these three mentorship lifelines are included free with The Action Solution.

So, When You Join You Get…

  • The Full Action Solution Program – The step-by-step blueprint for taking control of your time and your life – beat procrastination, get motivated, create a plan for your life – and make it happen
  • The “Action Items” – Quick tips and tricks
  • The Effortless Productivity System – The simple, three step system to totally effortlessly get through your “todo” list – and literally double or triple your productivity (I am not kidding)
  • The Energy Solution – My personal energy experiments, the first time I’m sharing this publicly – how to maintain a high level of energy so you can feel better every day and get more done.
  • The Mentorship Calls Library – Real answers to real questions and situations in people’s lives.  This is like sitting in the room while I coach people one on one!
  • Three Personal Mentorship Lifelines – You will never be alone – you can write to me anytime, up to three times, and I will answer you question directly and personally.  I recommend you go through the course first to make sure your question isn’t answered in the course so you don’t waste them!

The total value of this information is over $1800

But when you join today…. it’s only $247.

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100% Money Back Guarantee … So there’s ZERO Risk

Sid's 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not happy where you are and you want something different… I know this program will help you improve every area of your life.

But you might still be hesitant, and I don’t blame you. Maybe you’ve tried to change before and failed, or maybe you have no idea that it will work.

Because of that, I’m going to do everything I can to take away all risk and worry for you with a full 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want you to feel 100% satisfied in your purchase

So, join the program today and try it out.

Take a full 60 days to take it for a spin. If after you apply the easy to use techniques to your life, you haven’t dramatically changed your life – I’ll refund your money in full.

Start using what you learn to put into action and use in your daily life. During the entire 60 day time period… as you’re going through the course and putting the techniques into action… I want you completely happy.

I Want You Totally Thrilled You Made The Purchase

If you aren’t satisfied, please let me know by sending me an email within 60 days. Once I get your email saying that you’re not 100% happy with the Action Solution… I’ll make sure you get a full and complete refund.

So, you know there’s absolutely NO risk…

The choice you have now is

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I want to offer you the one course that helps you get everything you want in your life… all the love, health, money, happiness, and joy you could ever want.

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The Action Solution is a cutting edge program

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The Action Solution Is

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Sid Savara

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What’s more, with these easy to use techniques, you no longer have to struggle and work hard to get what you want in your life.

I promise, if you apply these small, easy to use techniques in your life… you’ll BLOW yourself away with the transformation you make.

The Action Solution will show you how to enjoy a life where you have everything you’ve ever wanted.

Whether it’s more money, more time, finally taking time for yourself to travel, finish those projects you seem to always put off… you’ll finally have everything you’ve EVER wanted.

Stop procrastinating…waiting for the “right time”.

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