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The Outsource Solution is a 22-part, four hour course that teaches you everything about why you should outsource, what to outsource, how to do it - and how to find and train assistants.

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Let's Talk About Time -
And How To Get More Of It

sid-profile-fastMy name is Sid Savara, and I believe your time is the most valuable resource you have.

That's why I value every moment of my life - and if you're like me, you want to make the most of every moment of your life as well.

 A recent U.S.A. Today survey found that:

  • 70% of people are busy or very busy
  • 50% are more busy than they were last year
  • 45% sacrificed time with friends
  • 30% sacrificed time with family
  • 90% wished they had more time to spend with friends and family.

Now you and I both know that while those statistics are a bit alarming...

They're not really all that surprising.

Don't You Feel Busier Than Ever?

The real problem is, you're trying to do everything yourself.

No matter how effective you are - there's only so much you can do as one person.

If only there was a way you could have two of you...or maybe three or four.

The Answer: Personal Outsourcing

The fact is, you can practically "multiply" yourself - by taking advantage of personal outsourcing so you aren't wasting time doing tasks you can cheaply hire other people to do.

I personally have saved thousands of hours through outsourcing.

I will give you the real life training materials I use to train assistants, and show exactly how I hire the best assistants at the best prices.

If you wish you had more time:
then you are who this training was made for.


What's In The Program?

The Outsource Solution is an comprehensive, step-by-step training system that will teach you proven, repeatable techniques to:

  • Outsource effectively
  • Manage your assistants
  • Gain time to do what matters most to you

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Your price will be $97.

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What Is In This Course?

This 22-part training course contains over 4 hours of video training that walks you step-by-step from never outsourcing, to learning exactly how to outsource. You can do it all in one day, or spread it out to fit yourschedule.

Let's look at some of the things you'll learn.

Course Outline

Part 1:
Introduction to Outsourcing

  • How outsourcing and time management are related
  • The four different types of outsourcing
  • Why there are some things you shouldn't outsource
  • The most valuable way to outsource to get the best return: on your time and money

Part 2:
What To Outsource

  • Specific exercises to identify your outsourcing opportunities
  • A process shown to me by the CEO of a large outsourcing firm to pinpoint the best tasks for outsourcing
  • How to determine what you should outsource first
  • How to know where you can get the highest return on our outsourcing efforts

Part 3:
How To Outsource

  • A step-by-step overview of how to outsource your tasks
  • Real life examples of  instructions I give my assistants.
  • A systematic process for you to train your assistants:  so you get exactly what you expect when you outsource them
  • And yes -  mistakes I've made - so you don't make them

Part 4:
Hiring and the Assistant Lifecycle

  • The exact process I use to hire the best assistants
  • The Assistant Lifecycle - a detailed walkthrough of what to do from the first moment you decide to hire an assistant, to hiring them - and even what to do if they leave
  • Detailed instructions about how to properly train, and manage your assistants
  • How to train assistants to manage themselves - so you can stop spending time on it, and just get the results you want

How Much Is Registration?

My fee is $250 an hour for personal coaching.

If you sat down with me, and went through all these exercises with me by your side - it would cost well over $1000 in consulting fees.

It won't be $1000 though - even if that's what this program and the results you'll get are worth.

Instead, a small, one-time investment will get you access to the course (and any course updates) for life - for far less than it costs for even an hour of my time.

Join now for only $97
And get free upgrades for life.

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Your 100% Satisfaction,
Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied for any reason at all, I demand you ask for a refund.  I won’t dare keep your money.

Sign up, do all the exercises, follow the program – and if you aren't satisfied for any reason (or no reason at all), let me know and you’ll get a 100% refund.  Easy as that.

How Is The Training Delivered?

The training is  delivered as a virtual class.

You’ll receive in depth training in a variety of formats, to make it easy for you to learn in whatever way suits you best:

  • Training slides
  • Online video
  • Video you can download to your phone
  • Even audio you can listen to in your car

Note: You won’t need any special equipment for this training. Your computer you are reading this page on is fine.

Register Now. 

If you've ever felt like you need more time, get The Outsource Solution right now.  This course is for you.

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Your price will be $97.

You're still covered by the 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee


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