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Mahli Hilha

I'm amazed after trying out the techniques I learned, that I was gliding through tasks, staying focused and achieving positive outcomes.

I cannot tell you enough how very happy I am to have discovered this program!  It is saving me a lot of trial/error and possibly a business catastrophe.

Mahli Hilha
  • Get more done

    Enjoy spending more time on yourself and with your family and friends.

  • Make a solid plan

    Be sure all of your efforts are actually bringing you closer to your goals.

  • Achieve your desires

    Your best performance comes when you’re passionate, not settling.

  • Shama Huq

    "I Made More Time"

    The Action Solution enabled me to make time for my job, my friends and my family, and studying for my graduate school entrance exams...all while feeling freer and more content than I had in longer than I can remember!
    Shama Huq Graduate Student
  • Margery Hinman, PhD

    "Wish I Learned This 20 Years Ago"

    I freed up several more hours a week.... I vanquished some of my own time sucking vampires and I’m still surprised how effective it has been. I would absolutely recommend your courses to anyone looking to increase his or her productivity. I wish I had found you 20 years ago!”
    Margery Hinman, PhD Entrepreneur
  • Shawn Lebrun

    "Reaching My Goals"

    I am using this program to reach goals in each area of my life. I’m back on top of my business, I’m enjoying those precious days with my family – and I’m taking care of my body again.
    Shawn Lebrun Marketing Executive
  • Simple video modules

    Focus on making small changes that have a big impact on your results.

  • Methods that work

    Tap into proven systems to help you move past the things holding you back.

  • Results right away

    Watch the videos and start seeing progress, fast—guaranteed.

It's Your Turn

Even if you've experienced failure in the past, perhaps it wasn't YOU that failed—but instead, your APPROACH that didn't work.

The Action Solution is a proven approach to achieve your goals.


Love it, or your money back

There's no risk to you with a 60-day, 100% satisfaction, money back guarantee.

What Makes The Action Solution Different?

When it comes to achieving their goals, many people find that they just don't have the time to put in to get results they want. They might stay stuck for years (or even decades) with no real progress. I help people understand how to refocus so that they can achieve their goals and still have time to spend with their family and friends.

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I know how discouraging it can be when you know you're settling, but you feel powerless to change anything.

I've helped thousands of people over the last decade realize exactly what it takes to massively increase their productivity so that they can create more time. And when you have more time, your progress multiplies, you feel happier, and you have more fulfilling relationships with your family and friends.

Hi, I'm Sid Savara, creator of The Action Solution. I've used this exact system to achieve prosperity and abundance for myself. There was a time, however, that even I needed a dose of my own advice.

I realized that I had achieved true success in life, except for one thing: my body was completely out of shape. I put the system to work for my fitness and now live an active lifestyle which includes frequent hikes near my home on the island of Oahu, Hawai'i. Since then, I've continued to teach this same system to my students so that they too can achieve their goals and become the person they've always wanted to be.

In this series of online videos, you will:

  1. Learn a proven system that has been used by thousands to take the right actions and reach their goals.
  2. See how this formula works in simple, easy to use techniques that don't take a lot of time but make a big impact.
  3. Apply this framework to your life to and start to see a noticeable difference right away.

Working really hard on your goals can actually hurt you if you're putting effort toward the wrong things.

Once you're clear on the actions you need to take to actually accomplish your goals, you'll begin to make progress faster than you ever thought possible. People that take action backed by a solid plan win.

Get The Action Solution system right now so you too can tap into these proven methods.

Why? Because you'll stay stuck where you are forever until you begin to take the right actions.

What's Your Training Investment?

How much is procrastination costing you? How many promises have you broken to yourself about changing your life?

Can you say you're going in a direction that your heart truly wants?

Not having the tools to take the right actions toward achieving your goals may already be costing you a great deal.

4-Payment Plan
Per Month For 4 Months
  • Full Action Solution Course, with a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee and Recorded Mentorship Calls.
1-on-1 Mentorship
Per Month
  • Includes Everything In The Course, plus a 30 minute coaching call every other week.

What Topics are Covered?

You will learn how to get more done in your life, develop a solid plan and achieve your desires.

Want to know exactly what's inside? Click below to read more.

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Groundwork: Success Principles

You'll learn the truth about how successful people really spend their time, and we'll combine it with THE single most powerful success trait that I unearthed buried in scientific literature. It's linked with academic success, diet success and higher income. You'll also discover why some people never succeed – what the research shows that successful people do differently.

Cornerstone #1: “Your Worldview”

You'll learn the secrets of training your mind to expect and attract success. By the end of this cornerstone, you'll unlock the keys to being someone who always gets things done "on autopilot." You'll also discoverer the subconscious thought success AND failure patterns: the thoughts under the surface that control what you do every day, and how to control them so they don't control you.

Cornerstone #2: “Your Compass”

The most successful people don't wander through life aimlessly: they have a purpose, a vision, a meaning for their life. In short, they have a direction they are going in. One key lesson I've learned and shared with clients is when it comes to personal success, direction is more important than speed. In this cornerstone you'll master the personal direction in your life

Cornerstone #3: “Personal Tie Breakers”

Indecision kills more dreams than failure ever will...but bad decisions will take you down the wrong path and can cause you to waste months and years of your life. Discover the secret of your personal internal tie breakers, and you'll be able to make difficult decisions with ease and peace of mind.

Cornerstone #4: “Control Your Time”

You'll finally balance your overscheduled calendar, with cutting edge tools and techniques to help you get the most out of every single day: without feeling overwhelmed with having "too much" to do. You'll also discover the "someday buster" strategies so you'll take action, right now - and make progress on those projects that have been sitting on the backburner for what feels like eternity.

Cornerstone #5: “Defeat Your Vampires”

Energy vampires are the thieves of life: negative influences that will drag you down and keep you from being your best. In this cornerstone, you'll learn how to optimize your life to fill it with joy, success and happiness - while removing stressful projects and regret from your life. Through crisp examples you'll learn how to identify things that are holding you back in your life that you may not even be aware of - and how to defeat and eliminate them.

Your training is delivered in short, bite-size chunks - accessible on the go whether it's on your computer, phone or tablet. You also get worksheets, full PDF presentation downloads and audio downloads so you can watch, listen and learn anywhere.

You'll Also Get These Bonuses, Free

  • Mentorship Calls Library

    Real answers to real questions and situations in people’s lives. This is like sitting in the room while I coach people one on one!

  • Effortless Productivity Course

    The powerful, three step system to totally effortlessly get through your “todo” list by taking advantage of human psychology to easily focus and not be stressed out about it.

  • The Energy Solution Course

    My personal energy experiments, based on myself and research – how to maintain a high level of energy so you can feel better every day and get more done.


Customers love the way our service has improved their lives...

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"Our state of the art training facility has everything you need to master the skills you have always wanted to learn.

- Stuart Harris, CEO & Co-Founder

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