How To Focus On What Matters
and Accomplish Your Goals –
(Rather Than Procrastinate
And Let Life Pass You By)

By Sid Savara



My doctor broke the silence, declaring:

“You’re going into surgery.   Right now.”

I lay on the hospital bed, wincing in pain on the crumpled bedsheets.  The room was tense:  bright white florescent lights shining in my eyes, the only noise coming from the hum of the machines.

The whole team – doctors, nurses, assistants – swarmed with activity as they prepared to slice me open.

Everything else took a back-seat to just surviving.

I never imagined today I’d be going into surgery…just hours ago, I was at Disneyland

Unconscious On The Operating Table

The next few hours I would be unconscious as they operated on me – and fortunately as you may have guessed, I did survive.

I woke up groggy – my side throbbing in pain from the incision and needles in my arm.

Once they released me, they said would have pain doing simple thing like walking for sometime while the incision healed.

But that wasn’t the worst of it.

For a week or two, I had to stay home on bed-rest, and with the painkillers they gave me they told me I could expect my mind to be foggy.

But even THAT wasn’t the worst of it.

I was forbidden to pick up anything
heavier than a few pounds for a few months.

The agony.

Let me back up a second.  Before my surgery, I had wanted to try to get in better shape….

So some days I would go to the gym.

Some days I was supposed to…but I didn’t.

And then, some days I physically went inside the gym, but was half-hearted about actually doing the work.

And now? I could not go at all.

Physically, I needed to recover.  Things I had taken for granted before like getting in and out of bed became a daily ordeal.

And imagine…being in a daze and unable  to focus clearly on account of pain killers.

So often I used to waste time daydreaming or mindlessly wasting days away watching TV, or on some other BS…

And now I would give anything to have that time back…to get out of the daze and mental fog.

But truthfully…
It was a blessing in disguise.

Because it snapped me out of my comfortable “so-so” effort, reminding me how truly limited our time is.

Each Day is A Chance to Do What Matters
(And Yet…So Often We Squander That Chance)

Before my surgery, each day I had the chance to achieve what I wanted, to do what I wanted.

Why didn’t I?  

Why did I pretend I’d live forever:
putting off my dreams day after day?

You see… we don’t always appreciate what we have – and I know I didn’t –  until it is suddenly taken away from us.

I had limitless opportunities in front of me, I was so fortunate to have even the freedom and chance to do what I wanted with my life…and I was letting it slip away.

It made me think of this:

“I always wonder why birds choose to stay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth.  Then I ask myself the same question.” – Harun Yahya

But now, I badly wanted  to start living my life again…but I had to take it easy, or else the incision might tear open and I wouldn’t heal.

  • Do you know what that feels like, to wake up and know you aren’t able to do your best?
  • Or looking back on the days in your life and wondering, did you really do what you wanted to in your life?
  • Did you really, truly go after all those dreams on your bucket list?

When I was finally cleared to workout again,
I entered the gym with relief, happiness –
and armed with new techniques to be highly motivated.

I entered with a newfound faith in my abilities to to be excellent.

And I was. I was absolutely excellent.

I made more progress working out in those next six months than in the three years prior.

But it wasn’t just in the gym.
My whole life got better.

I had been in a rut in my old job, and within a month of my surgery I had started at a new position making more money, less stress and with renewed energy.

I even enjoyed my leisure time with people I cared about more than I had before.

You see, because I wasn’t just messing around anymore, I was totally in the zone when O worked on my projects like my body, my writing, my personal projects.

The amazing benefit that came out of being so productive when I was supposed to be, was I was able to enjoy my time guilt-free just hanging out when I had chosen to take it ease –  knowing that I had my whole life under control.

I finished reading  books I had put off for ages.

I cleaned out boxes I had accumulated over the years that I had always planned to organize “someday”

And I suddenly had plenty of time for family, to both heal and deepen relationships…many of which had grown stale, and that somehow I never had enough time to pay attention to before.

I was the most productive, the most relaxed and the most filled with gratitude I had ever been in my life.

And all it took was having my appendix nearly explode and kill me.

How Did I Get Here?

Two decades ago I started trying to improve myself and improve my life.

I was frustrated because I felt I was capable of so much more, but I kept procrastinating.

Oftentimes, I would have these ideas for things I wanted to do in my life – to get in better shape, to be more social, spend more time with my family.

But I wouldn’t even start. The “idea” never made it any further than inside my own head.

Or other times, I would be super excited for a couple days so I would start on some project thinking this is it… but then something would always stop me.

I’d get stuck, or lose focus, or get overwhelmed ….
and then I would lose motivation to actually follow through

For a few days, weeks or months I wouldn’t do anything, but I’d keep telling myself don’t worry – tomorrow, I’ll get  back to it.

But you know what happened – I never got back to it. I just felt guiltier and guiltier, until I finally grew numb to it and gave up.

I was stuck in this rut of yo-yo productivity – up one day, down the next, and it seemed like I never really got ahead. Like I kept trying but I was just spinning my wheels.

Eventually, I just kind of felt burnt out.

Like there was too much to do and I just would never get it done anyway.

And I didn’t know where to begin, I didn’t have a clue what to do to change my life and that I would just continue to waste my time.

Subconsciously, I think I really believed that this was just my life – and that I should just settle and accept it.

I started reading books, asking people for advice.

I’ve tried different productivity
books, systems, strategies …

So…did it work? Did I immediately turn into the person I wanted to be?


Instead, I would beat myself up…

Because while my bookshelf got fatter:

I was still procrastinating, still not quite living up to my potential, and still dissatisfied with where my life was going.

So I would try something new, and sometimes I would get no results, sometimes just ok results…

Every single book, seminar, training – they always had some really great nugget that helped me in my life.

And yet, most of them had a lot of fluff as well as things that were useless.

You may have tried some of these same techniques.

  • Organizational planners that were too impractical to use.
  • Software that I constantly wrestled with to try to get working.
  • Productivity systems that would work for a few days, until I “fell off the wagon” and found myself impossibly lost, unable to ever get it organized again.

But This Wasn’t ALL Bad….

The silver lining is, because nothing I tried was perfect, I did learn a LOT about getting things done and managing my time from these systems.

It’s just that all of them had “something missing” that prevented it from working as-is.

They simply were not designed for real people in the real world.

I’m sure you can relate to what I’m talking about.

Because ultimately, you and I both know the type of people we want to be, and the life we want to achieve.

Ideally, You Want to Feel Focused, Motivated
And Happy About Your Life Every Day

  • You want to wake up every morning feeling satisfied with what you did the day before, and energized about the possibilities of the day ahead.
  • Rather than dread all the things you “have to do” – you want to wake up filled with gratitude and excitement that you’ve got it all under control, and at all the cool things you GET to do today.
  • When you do get to work on tasks – you want to get through them quickly and focused, without feeling stress or worry that you’ve got too much on your plate
  • You want to be in control of your life, with things going the way you want.
  • You DON’T want to be managing some crazy, complicated time management system just to get the most basic things done!
  • And you want to break out of the traps of low motivation, distraction and procrastination that are holding you back from achieving your full potential.

So, that’s why we keep trying different things right?

And yet…

So often, I would try something that didn’t work…and it feels like the time just goes by, and your life doesn’t improve the way you thought it would

And after years of trying different things, I realized that the real secret wasn’t a productivity system….

In fact, I learned that this culture of chasing the “perfect” complicated system … is part of the problem.

Who Am I?

My name is Sid Savara.

I started studying what successful people do differently in 1994.

For many years I studied and tried different things and was frustrated that I made little progress.

But that frustration cemented how I approach personal development and productivity techniques today: with an eye for seriously questioning and testing each technique and strategy until I know for certain if it really works.

I also learned another lesson:

Don’t waste your time “randomly” trying everything to see what works.  Maximize your chance of success by using proven techniques.

To be successful, I had to study people who achieved the results I wanted, analyze what they did differently – and copy what they actually did in their own lives to achieve those results.

I had to come up with my own plan for my life, and not count on anyone else to do it for me.

“If you don’t design your own life plan,
chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan.
And guess what they have planned for you?
Not much.”- Jim Rohn

This strategy has led to
amazing results in my life

Here’s what’s changed for me:

  • Improving my health and body.  I never knew a thing about bodybuilding or health when I was young.  However once I started taking it seriously, I steadily achieved a healthy body, going from skinny-fat to fit in just about six months.  I went from literally almost throwing up the first time I ran to being able to run 5–8 miles at a time easily.
  • Sleeping better and waking up refreshed.  Because I have a clear way of completing what needs to be done every day, and de-prioritizing what doesn’t, I’m able to sleep so much better. In spite of whatever chaos may come my way, I almost always manage to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night – and wake up feeling refreshed and unhurried in the morning.
  • Enjoying time with my friends and family more.  By sharpening my focus and learning how to turn it “on” and “off” I’ve been able to spend much more time with people I care about.  Not only that, but I’m not just physically present – I’m mentally and emotionally present as well.
  • Quickly advancing in my career.  After starting out as the junior person at a Fortune 500 company, I got the chance to prove myself – and I took it. Since then I’ve led teams at 4 different organizations, including another Fortune 500 company, a small business and multiple positions in DoD and government.  In each case, I have been the youngest person on the team – sometimes by as much as 20 years
  • Having those once in a lifetime experiences.  I had always dreamed of travel – but for a long time never did.  Now, whether it’s traveling across Europe with my best friends for two months, enjoying cruises with my family and other once in a lifetime experiences – that take more than just money to plan and make happen – I really get to enjoy my life.
  • Becoming a leader in my field.  Over the past few years, I’ve spoken at major conferences in software development, marketing, blogging, podcasting, business and more.  I went from never speaking at all to speaking 1-2 times a year at large events, as well as leading small workshops 4-8 times a year.  I have given over 50 speeches in the past 7 years.

I don’t share this with you to brag –
but to share with you that what I’ve discovered works.

I have also shared some of what I had learned on my website – and as you may know, it took off.

I never imagined my website would one day attract millions of people or offer me the opportunity to speak in front of audiences of hundreds of people, and mentor thousands.

But it has –
and, it’s not because I am special.

It’s because of what I’ve discovered about achieving your goals.

And then, because what I’ve  shared has helped tens of thousands of people change their own lives for the better, I started to get noticed and asked to participate in books and interviews.  Some of my articles and radio interviews have even been used for university courses.

These days, you can find me in dozens of top selling books, on the radio, and articles in

  • Time Magazine
  • Fortune
  • Forbes
  • The Wall Street Journal
  • CNN
  • The Washington Post
    …And many others


Because I took an open mind researching what works and what doesn’t (and believe me, I know a LOT about trying things that didn’t work!) I discovered some surprising secrets about successful people.

Three Surprising Secrets of Highly Successful People

Secret #1:
The Most Successful People, Don’t Have
A Fancy, Airtight Productivity System

You may have been to seminars, read books, or attended trainings on how to get more done.

If you haven’t, let me tell you one thing I experienced over and over when I did: custom, complex systems.

And many of them are incredibly intricate and complicated.

So lets say you manage to use them for a little while.

You may be productive, but the problem is the second you take your eye off it – the whole system starts falling apart.

You miss one day, and suddenly your tasks are out of sync. Your calendar is messed up. And now, not only are you confused and trying to pick up the pieces, not only are you not getting anything done – you feel BAD because you “broke” the system!

Well, what I’ve discovered is that the most successful people don’t have airtight productivity system.

Sure, some have complex methods, because it works for their personality.

But the common thread they actually have is clear decision making and understanding of trade offs so they know exactly what their top priority is with crystal clarity.

Because ultimately, that’s what you actually are trying to get out of  whatever system you use, if any: you need to know the right thing to be doing, at the right time – and the right decision for which path to take.

Secret #2:
The Most Successful People
Are Not Doing As Much As
People Think They Are

I used to have this image in my mind of a  superhero, “ultra-productive woman” (or ultra-productive man if you like).

They never wasted a single second.

They were always working, always on the go, never had any downtime and never had a spare moment to just relax.

I thought I had to have everything nailed down on my schedule so I could squeeze, squeeze, squeeze the most out of every moment and every day.

But…that’s not actually what the most successful people do.

That’s not how people who live the lives of their dreams are, and in fact it’s not even how they got there.

Because the OTHER thing  I imagined was, ok, certainly successful people are not stressed out about being successful…but maybe I need to be REALLY “productive” for a few years, jam as much as I can into every second…and then I’ll ease off, because that’s how I get there.


No. Not right.

The most successful people don’t do as much as you think they do.

Instead, they do a lot more of the
little bit that they choose to focus on.

Get it?

Instead of trying to squeeze the most out of life by juggling 20 different areas, they pick 2 or 3 areas to excel in, and do it.

And everything else?

They practice focus.

They realize those other areas are a distraction.

If it’s so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Because deciding what to focus on, and what to ignore, is simple to say:  but it’s not easy to do.  It’s hard

And not only that – it isn’t always obvious to know which 3 out of those 20 things are the right 3 to focus on.

Not forever.

Maybe not even for a year.

But the most productive people do
focus on a few things, for right now.

Sometimes in fact it’s counterintuitive:  they may focus on something that you and me think is unimportant, but really it’s the most important thing because it’s laying a foundation for future success.

Highly successful people have
a couple ways of doing this.

Some of them have an intuitive feel for it, while others have really in depth long term plans – whatever fits their style

But all of them have

  1. Some method of controlling their calendar and
  2. Clear “internal tie breakers” to make these difficult decisions clearly. Just because the decision is clear doesn’t mean it’s necessarily emotionally easy to do – but it is easy to see it’s correct.

And then – they don’t look back, because they know they’ve made the right decision, and they can focus on just those few important things.

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully.” – Steve Jobs

Secret #3:
The Most Successful People
Don’t  Spend a Lot of Time
Learning to “Be Productive”

For a long time,  I felt like if I wasn’t productive…it was because clearly, I wasn’t putting in the hours to learn how to “be productive”

Like perhaps (ironically?) the system I was using wasn’t “big enough” to handle my life.

And let me tell you, this was a disheartening catch-22 to be in.

  • I didn’t have enough time, because I wasn’t good at managing it and I wasn’t getting enough done.
  • But I couldn’t work on learning how to manage my time better…because I didn’t have time to spare to set up and manage a complex a system

Well, the truth is you don’t need to spend a lot of time maintaining a productivity system, nor do you need to spend a lot of time learning how to “be productive”

The key I discovered is, to learn small, targeted, step-by-step techniques that are high leverage you can easily become more productive without a huge time investment.

Here’s how it worked for me.

Let me give you one example.

After years of trial and error, I discovered an easy technique that made my to do list a snap to get through (I’ll tell you about it later).

It helped me clearly figure out what to work on, make the time to do it and clear mental space so I could focus and get it completed, while also making sure I could get things done without being stressed out.

I use that technique every day.  The first day I used it, I got an hour back. The next day, I probably got two hours back.

NOW…Every day, for the rest of my life,
I had two hours a day that I didn’t have before.

And I didn’t have to maintain a system or do anything new.  I  just continue using the same technique I’d already learned.

Let’s say I show you the same technique.  It will take me about an hour to teach it to you.  The first day, you’ll save an hour or two, so in the end there’s really no time lost at all.

You could stop there, or you could say take those 2 hours a day you have and maybe spend another 20 or 30 minutes learning another technique from me.

Now maybe that technique makes you more productive, so you’re spending only an hour a day on some tasks instead of two hours.

So, none of this is taking a lot of your time – and every time you put a few minutes in, you’re getting the same amount of time back and then some.

When you learn a technique like this,
it’s a high leverage, high return on
investment training technique.

You put a little time in, and you quickly get that time back – and then some.


So the key, the way it all
came together for me was this:

When it finally clicked for me, I compared what I was doing before (that wasn’t working) to what finally did work.

I realized there were two reasons that changes weren’t sticking for me.

  • First, the “perfect” system isn’t out there. If you have a system that’s working for you, keep using it. But if you haven’t found one – that’s ok.  Maybe there is no one system that will handle everything “just right” for you.
  • And second, these things just weren’t made for me and my life. I was always trying to fit my life into the way someone else wanted me to be.

So what I came up with was a strategy that worked for me, and that I showed my clients: very small, targeted, stand-alone techniques that work by themselves and are simple habits that just become part of you and who you are.

So you don’t try to pretend to be something you’re not, or try to jam your life into someone else’s idea of what it should be.

You just become the best,
most successful version of YOU,
one step at a time.

You don’t change your whole life: if you like using a calendar a certain way, you keep doing it. If you don’t, you don’t have to start.

It doesn’t matter – because different things work for different people.

Now, if you try a couple of the techniques I teach you, let’s suppose you like them and that’s enough – no problem, you can stop.

Or, if you try the techniques and they are working and you love it, you can keep going.

All the techniques have a synergy where they work with each other, but you can stop any of them anytime you like.

You might be wondering…
How long did it take Sid to figure this out,
and could I do figure it out on my own too?

Sure, it’s certainly possible. You too could:

  • Buy dozens of books
  • Attend training seminar after training seminar
  • Listen to audiobooks over and over,
  • Try every strategy, see which ones work and which are worthless
  • Spend up to two decades figuring it out on your own

But do you really want to?

“The best thing is to learn from other guy’s mistakes. ” – Warren Buffet

You Might Also Worry –
Don’t I Need to Spend a Lot Of Time Learning This?

I hear you.

You’re short on time as it is – you don’t want yet another commitment that sucks up a lot of your time.

Because that just compounds the problem if the whole point is you need more time.

The fact is, if you’re suffering from
being overwhelmed and stretched thin,
you don’t have the time to spend weeks on a system

What you need is bite-size, standalone little chunks, that get you results immediately.

In fact, this lesson really hit home for me while working with a single mother of a young child.

Do you think she had time for leisurely training sessions?


She was constantly being pulled in different directions.

But… she could quickly absorb a bite-sized training, especially if it got her immediate results, on her iPad whenever she felt like taking just a few minutes.

Other trainings I’ve attended, if you didn’t stay the whole time, if you didn’t go “all in” on it – they wouldn’t work, so you got zero benefit.

So I believe training needs to fit your real life.

If all you’ve got is  5 or 10 minutes, you should still be able to get some strategies and techniques you can use right away – and you don’t need to follow it for a long period of time or even consistently.

What If I Procrastinate,
Or I’m Not Motivated To Finish Things?

You might also be worried…that you procrastinate as it is, why should you believe you won’t procrastinate if you start up some new training as well?

In fact…maybe you’ve tried to change your life before, but haven’t had the motivation to actually finish what you started?

I totally understand where you are coming from.

Any training you get, it can’t be a whole bunch of “work” to get the results.

My style is, I use a combination of Inspiration + Education to teach you. That is, before teaching you a lesson and having you apply it in your life, I give you a bit of inspiration to help you be excited about what you’re about to learn.

As I’ve worked with clients, we have found that this is an incredibly effective way to make it easy to get through a single piece of training.

And that’s all you need to do: to get through one short piece of training.

If you do, that little bit of training gets you results – and that gets you excited to then spend another 5 to 10 minutes on the next piece.

Let me show you what I have for you.

Here Is What It’s All About
Introducing: The Action Solution


The Action Solution is an advanced, easy-to-follow, step-by-step blueprint for accomplishing your goals through improved focus, motivation and increased productivity – made up of small, stand-alone techniques and strategies that you can use by themselves, or together.

It was developed through research, studying and flat out copying the techniques of highly successful people, and validating what really works through testing and mentorship over the past two decades.

Everything is scientifically researched, tested & proven, easy to use techniques that real people have used, and continue to use, to achieve success in their lives.

You will get advanced training  to….

  • Plan and live life of your dreams, so you can finally achieve your full potential and live a life you can be proud of
  • Know exactly what to do every moment, whether that’s taking action or relaxing – and always feel great about it
  • Effortlessly become more productive through using small, targeted techniques so you can get through your tasks and projects faster and with less stress.
  • Overcome procrastination, so you don’t go to sleep at night beating yourself up or regretting the missed opportunities that day. Instead you’ll become a productive person of action who knows exactly what they want – and goes after it, without feeling stressed out about it.

You won’t get…

  • Any empty “rah rah” cheering sessions that leave you wondering what you need to do.
  • Confusing, complicated “systems” that take too much work to maintain (and break down the first time someone tries to use them in real life)

The Action Solution is focused on bringing you real results through practical, easy to use strategies and techniques.

Designed So You’ll See Results Fast

The Action Solution is packed full of instantly usable tips and techniques

Quick changes that take minutes each to implement in your life, and will have a tremendous return on that investment.

(Remember: these are all real tips, techniques and strategies people use in their lives today to achieve high productivity, incredible focus and ultimately success in achieving their goals)

Within a single week, you’ll start seeing progress in your life….

Even better –

On day one you will learn a ritual that has been responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in my life (sidebar: Oprah Winfrey has used the same technique in her life)

And more importantly, has lead me to accomplish the goals I’ve wanted most.

You may be wondering…
will this work for me?

With all the questionable advice out there, you’re right to be skeptical.

Let me share with you some results of others who have gone through the program

You’ve already seen what these techniques did for me. How about for other students?  Take a look for yourself.

Here are some people it’s worked for already:

Case Study #1: Dawn
More Focused and Changed Her Life

“Sid, I just wanted to thank you for helping me to change my life.

For me, it was the format of your course that made it so successful. Being able to tackle my life one little bit at a time made it so much easier and much more effective.

Introducing each idea separately, building on the last over a period of time with your emails, updates and inspirational tid-bits kept me going.

I am more focused and have established three very important and helpful habits as a result of the Action Solution: I feel so much more balanced, grounded and aware of where I am going and why.

I am so excited about my life….I am making true progress.”

Dawn Anderson, Designer

Case Study #2: Chuck
Decisive and Staying On Track

“Sid, I used to have a problem of not being able to stick to a decision.

I always abandon decisions that I made, it’s like I lose my willpower and then I find my self not able to do what I decided to do.

I have been struggling with my dream of becoming a medical doctor, I had been having limiting thoughts.

But all that is in the past! I’m now starting the journey to my dream and I am able to stay on track in my life.

I am decisive, I know what I am doing, and I feel so certain for once in my life that I can actually do it.

I’m grateful, my life will never remain the same. “

- Chuck Eke, Medical Student

Case Study #3: Shawn
Got Motivated and Reached His Goals

“Hi Sid.

The Action Solution literally kicked start my life when it needed that kick.

I found that I was kinda just going through the motions in my life.

My health and business were taking a back seat, and I was falling behind in all the projects in my life that mattered to me.  I decided to give your program a try.

I started using what you showed me, and I started feeling more motivated.

So I kept at it. I was excited to try the exact steps in your course.  I’m happy to say I am back working on my business, my health, and everything else important to me.

I can honestly say that I went from a place of feeling sluggish and not motivated… to using this program to reach almost all of the goals I had set for myself in each area of my life. “

-Shawn Lebrun, Consultant and Small Business Owner

Case Study #4: Shama
Finally Getting Things Done
And Has Sense of Purpose

“Having recently graduated from college, I found myself more frustrated than ever at my seeming inability to move past my issues with procrastination and just plain inefficiency.

I recently started The Action Solution and the best way I could describe how it feels would be like finally seeing that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.

I went from being completely uncertain of my next move, feeling like I was shrouded in a fog, and gave me a sense of clarity so that I could finally move forward.

It enabled me to make time for my job, my friends and family, and studying for the GRE’s- all while feeling freer and more content that I had in longer than I could remember.

It gave me a sense of hope that I thought I wouldn’t be able to attain.

I no longer feel like I’m alone in this, fighting a losing uphill battle against procrastination and inefficiency.

Finally, I’m getting things done, and that sense of purpose and the ability to finally believe in myself and my own possibilities is priceless.

Thank you so much, Sid.”

Shama Huq, Graduate Student

Case Study #5: Mahli
Surprised Herself At How
Productive She Could Be

“Greetings, Sid!

I’m here to share with you my results with the new tools I’ve recently learned.

I’m pleased to say the Effortless Productivity System has reshaped my former thoughts on time-management.

Who knew being productive could be so easy?!

I’m amazed after trying out the techniques I learned, that I was gliding through tasks without the headache of not knowing where to go next. It provides me with an excellent method for staying focused and achieving a positive outcome.

Today, I used the Effortless Productivity System to mark off a few things on my “to-do” list.

I found myself surprised with how productive I can actually be, since taking note of my time allowed me to see exactly where my time is going.”

Mahli Hilha, Business Owner

Those are real people, and the real results they achieved.

Now let me walk you through, in detail, exactly what to expect inside this training program.

Here’s What We’ll Cover in Each Module:

Overview & Introduction

  • The Truth About How Successful People really Spend Their Time – lessons that you can use in your own life, based on in depth research that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • My Secret Daily Ritual (The Same one Oprah Uses). – The single most powerful secret to my success – that has literally changed my life every day since I discovered it (and it only takes a few minutes a day).
  • THE Scientific Success Trait – Buried in scientific literature I discovered the single trait linked with academic success, diet success and even higher income. You must master it if you want success in your life.
  • What you need to know to transform from bad to healthy habits so the flow of your life moves effortlessly toward your highest goals
  • Warning: Major Failure Pitfalls – If you don’t know why  people fail, you might repeat their mistakes. I’ll show you step by step how you can beat the odds and have a plan in place to beat common obstacles
  • Why Some People Never Succeed – what the research shows that successful people do differently, and compared with unsuccessful people do – so you can avoid making these mistakes yourself.
  • The “Overthinking Trap” – How to avoid being someone who constantly “thinks” about what to do next, but never end up actually getting anything they want out of their lives
  • Two Paths To Major Life Change – There are two major ways that you MUST master to change your life…and you’ll learn how you can change your life today, AND ensure the change sticks for the rest of your life.
  • If You Want Daily Motivation, You’ll Love This Motivation Booster – The secret “a-ha” moment I had one day while I was out running – and how it changed the way I approached my goals forever

Cornerstone #1:
“Your Worldview”
Retraining Your Mind For Success

  • Achieve Success “On Autopilot” – What you must know to transform into the type of person who automatically goes after what they want in their life…and gets it.
  • Instant Productivity Booster -A powerful technique that you can use to immediately give yourself a “boost” when you are feeling lost, confused – or unproductive
  • Thought Success Patterns – You’ll discover the patterns and mindsets that affect the choices you make at a subconscious level – and how to retrain your mind for success
  • Are You Sabotaging Yourself? –  If you’ve been falling short in your life, but you know you’re capable of more…it might be because of this.  I’ll show you how your own thoughts may be SABOTAGING you – and how to instead retrain your mind to support your goals
  • Increase Your Mental Energy – I’ll show you how to get into an energized state where you’re ready for anything
  • A Sneaky Way to Focus Your Effort Using Your Subconcious Mind – More scientific research: I’ll reveal sneaky secret to using words to get your brain “on your side” – rather than questioning you and holding you back.
  • Don’t Make This Mistake:  Positive Self-Talk The Right Way – Did you know so much “positive self talk” advice is wrong – and that you might actually be HURTING your chances of success if you are using it the way many other authors have taught? I’ll show you the right way based on – you guessed it – scientific research.


Cornerstone #2:
“Your Compass”
Defining The Direction Of Your Life

  • The Secret to A Perfect Plan, Every Day – So many plans start “someday” in the future – how about a workable plan that responds to where you are in your life right now, that you can use today?  That’s exactly what you’ll learn
  • The Truth About Why So Many Ideas Fall Flat – And How You Can Make It Happen – Break out of the rut of having “great ideas” that never seem to make it out of your head and into reality
  • How To Actually Follow Through On Your Plans – Do you feeling like you have too many plans but not enough follow through?  Learn how to break that cycle.
  • Why You Are Distracted, and How To Defeat Distractions So You Stay On Course – Can you imagine how much different your life would be, if you just weren’t distracted? You don’t want to miss this.
  • What Most People Get Wrong With Their Goals.  Instead, I’ll show you how to set goals and actually achieve them.  Many people’s goals don’t make the leap from an idea into actually happening in reality.  Follow the techniques I teach you and not only will the path becomes crystal clear – but you can guarantee success.

Cornerstone #3:
“Your Internal Tie Breakers”
Make The Right Choice, Every Time –
And Feel Great About It

  • The Simple Way To Easily Make Even The Most Difficult Decisions –  A simple way to know you’ll always make the right decision – even the difficult ones.
  • No More Second Guessing – You’ll be confident that you’re making the right life choices every time when you follow this simple strategy (simple NOW-  it took me decades to learn!)
  • Moving Forward When You’re Not Motivated – End this cornerstone with greater motivation and be able to accomplish tasks even when you’re not motivated
  • The Best Way To Make Sure Your Priorities Come First – Proven techniques and strategies to put your most important projects first, so you can finally get them done

Cornerstone #4:
“Ultimate Control of Your Calendar”
How To Always Do What
Matters Most In Your Life

  • An Easy, Effective Method For  Prioritizing – Why most people get it totally wrong, and how you can spend your life doing what is most important to you
  • Teach Yourself How To Focus – How to zero in on critical tasks and organize each day. You’ll not only get more done faster – but get the RIGHT things done.
  • Perfect Balance – How to easily schedule what you have going on in your life — especially if you feel “stretched thin” or like you are “dabbling around” in many things.
  • The Quickest Way to Make Time For Yourself  – A psychological trick to free up more time after the tasks you “have to do” so you can pursue your own interests
  • How To Finally Balance Your Overscheduled Calendar – The best way to balance a busy 12-14 hour day with effective time management skills so you still get the most out of every day – but without overwhelm or overwork.
  • Strategies I Call “Someday Busters” –   What you must know to actually get started on your projects instead of preparing for “Someday” (you know what I’m talking about – those things you’ve always wanted to do, but never seem to find the time to d0)

Cornerstone #5:
“Vanquishing Your Personal Vampires”
Remove Energy Sucking
Hang-Ups From Your Life

  • Free Yourself of These “Thieves Of Life” – What you must do to eliminate the negative influences in your life that hold you back
  • Fastest Path To Success – How to identify and finish the critical tasks that are REALLY going to make a difference in your life – versus spending time on low-value tasks that leave you drained and don’t really get you anywhere
  • Finishing What Counts – How to finish projects & decide what projects to let go of (even when some are unfinished – and feel GOOD about it).
  • The “No Regrets” Approach – How to know you’re spending every moment on what really matters, so you don’t regret the projects you pass up on.
  • How To Remove Stressful Projects From Your Life – Free yourself from the stress of projects that no longer matter to you
  • Break Bad Habits That Self Sabotage – Break the bad habits that drag you down (and eliminate behaviors that are holding you back from being happy)

In addition, you’ll get these bonuses included free.

Bonus #1
The Mentorship Calls Library

I know what it’s like trying to improve your life and not having a shoulder to lean on. I’ve been there – and you don’t have to go through it alone.

When you join today, you’ll have complete access to the mentorship calls library.

In the library, you’ll find recordings where I cover topics like how to overcome constant procrastination, how to stay motivated and what to do when you experience “goal frustration”

Bonus #2:
Personalized Mentorship Responses

If you have a question, you can write in and I’ll answer YOUR question as well.

Easy as that – I’ve got your back, and you’ll never have to go through it alone.

That means that if you are having any kind of difficulty with a worksheet, if you are stuck at any point in the course: you don’t have to feel alone. I will be available to help you out.

Bonus #3:
The Action Items Vault

Ok, so lets say you’re in The Action Solution and you decide:

I want a break and I just want to dip my toes in every so often and get a technique that I can use, right now.  Something that will instantly get me motivated

There are not a lot of techniques out there that can help with that. I have a few though, and I’ve put them together in the Action Items vault.

You can access it once you’re in The Action Solution.

The Only Training You’ll Ever Need…
Because You Have a Lifetime Restart

Look, I know that life can get in the way sometimes.

You get in a rhythm and then suddely, something massive changes in your life – and now your plans aren’t what they used to be.

Maybe you had control of your schedule, and now you’ve gone through a transition and your schedule is up in the air again.

The problem is…you’re already halfway through The Action Solution, or maybe you finished it some time ago – but now you want to restart the course.  So, you want the mentorship training sent you to fresh on your schedule?

Not a problem.

I’ll take care of it for you and it will be just like you started over, fresh. I have clients that have taken the course four times (and counting). Sometimes it’s because they changed careers. Sometimes it’s because they have moved to a new city, state or country.

And sometimes even if life is great – they just feel like having a refresher and they ask me to restart it.  No problem at all – you will have a course restart for life.

Included Free…Two Bonus Courses

In addition to everything you’ve read so far…you’ll also get two bonus courses free.  

And let me not mince words here: these are totally separate, totally standalone courses.

These are courses I have sold independent of The Action Solution. And you get them included, for free.

Bonus Course #1:
Effortless Productivity
($97 value)

Effortless Productivity

The Effortless Productivity System

This system is what I use every day to be more productive.

It’s a simple three step system to help keep your projects moving and help you be MORE productive with LESS stress.

It’s jam packed with training. You’ll learn what the most important productivity roadblocks are that hold you back in your life, and step-by-step how to overcome them

Best of all, this isn’t some super complex system that takes days or weeks to learn. You will literally learn it in a  few short videos, and you can implement it in MINUTES.

I’ve had clients tell me this training changed their lives – that they were going down a path of disappointment and maybe even on their way to depression and regret, because every day they wouldn’t live up to the promises they had made to themselves on that dreaded “to do” list.

But with the effortless productivity system, your tasks get done – you guessed it – effortlessly.

You’ll get video training, printable notes, downloadable audio to take with you anywhere you want.

This video training collection is a $97 value

Bonus Course #2:
The Energy Solution
($47 value)

Energy Solution

The Energy Solution

Ever feel tired, unmotivated, or like you’re not operating at your highest levels during the day?

This course is all about how to perform with peak energy.  You’ll learn how to keep a high level of energy throughout the day: so you feel alert, energized to live your life and work on your projects, and mentally you’ll feel incredible sharp.

If some days you feel like you’re dragging through, I’ll show you exactly how to break out of that low energy funk so that you can feel ALIVE and refreshed instead.

I’ll show you how these are all different types of energy, and the tips and strategies I use every day to maintain high levels of energy – so I can get done what I need to get done.

You’ll get video training, printable notes, downloadable audio to take with you anywhere you want.

This video training collection is a course by itself, and is a $47 value

100% Money Back Guarantee
So there’s ZERO Risk

I Guarantee You Will Succeed,
Or You Won’t Pay a Penny

When you join the action solution today, it’s 100% risk free

You aren’t risking any of your own money – all the pressure is on me to deliver.

You have 60 days to try it all out.

If you don’t like it you can cancel and get your money back.

No fuss, no questions, nothing.

That said – if you don’t actually want to change your life, please don’t waste your time or mine enrolling. Only join if you’re actually willing to give it 10 minutes to watch a couple videos.

Just give the training a chance by watching the first couple videos, and I will earn your trust and attention so you’ll WANT to continue through the rest of the training.

And if for any reason you feel I haven’t earned that, or you are in the least not satisfied or for no reason at all – you WILL get a 100% refund.

Now you might be wondering…
Is The Action Solution Right for me?

If you can answer “Yes” to any of these questions…

Then you are the perfect candidate to get results from The Action Solution

  • Do you feel like you have potential in you to do great things…but something is holding you back?
  • Do you have goals and dreams you want to accomplish, but sometimes don’t focus and finish them, or lost motivation – or you simply procrastinate on them?
  • Do you have many different things you are trying to do or choose between, but you aren’t sure what to prioritize or work on next?
  • Do you sometimes feel like life is moving too fast and passing you by, and that you’ll never be able to do the things I want to do…and yet you hope that someday, you’’ll get it together, and life will be great?
  • Are there days when you are overwhelmed and stretched too then, feel unable to relax and energize yourself – and find it difficult to stick to anything to get it done?

If you identify with one (or even more than one) of these questions, then The Action Solution is the solution you have been looking for.

These are the exact strategies I use in my own life and that I have taught to clients. And now, I want to share them with you.

Here’s How You Can Get Started…

The Action Solution is all yours
For just Four Monthly Payments of $67.

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So, to Summarize When You Join You Get…

  • The Full Action Solution Program – The step-by-step blueprint for taking control of your time and your life – beat procrastination, get motivated, create a plan for your life – and make it happen
  • Bonus #1: The Mentorship Calls Library – Real answers to real questions and situations in people’s lives.  This is like sitting in the room while I coach people one on one!
  • Bonus #2: Personalized Mentorship Calls – You will never be alone.  Write in with your own questions, and I’ll send you a response tailored to whatever your unique question is, and I will add the mentorship call to the library.
  • Bonus#3: The Action Items Vault – A collection of simple techniques that stand totally on their own, that you can use to get a productivity boost today.
  • Bonus #4: Lifetime Access with Course Restarts – You’ll be able to take the course on your schedule for life, and anytime you feel like starting again you can, no problem.

In Addition You Get

  • Bonus Course #1: The Effortless Productivity System – The simple, three step system to totally effortlessly get through your “todo” list by taking advantage of human psychology to easily focus and not be stressed out about it.
  • Bonus Course #2: The Energy Solution – My personal energy experiments, based on myself and research – how to maintain a high level of energy so you can feel better every day and get more done.

So if you are ready to live up to your potential, and improve your focus and productivity, and defeat procrastination:

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Access Training Anywhere
At Home, Your Phone, On Your Tablet.

You might be wondering – how exactly does the training work?

  • I will email you regularly with suggestions on what technique to learn next. However, you can learn anything in the entire course at your own pace.
  • You will receive training slides,  online video, video you can download to your computer, phone or tablet.
  • You will also have worksheets that you can print with notes so you never have to write anything down.
  • You won’t need any special equipment for this training.
  • You can access it from your laptop, iPhone or tablet. Streaming Videos, Video Downloads, MP3 Audio, PDF Slides, PDF Action Worksheets

You Have An Important Choice To Make Now

  1. You can keep continue living life as usual, and your life will tick by one day at a time.  You may be satisfied, or you may not.
  2. You can get started with the Action Solution with zero risk to yourself.  You can try the advanced techniques in The Action Solution. In 60 days, you will either be stunned at your progress and wishing you had started the program sooner, or if you are unsatisfied for any reason, or no reason at all, you will receive 100% of your money back.  There is no risk to you at all.

In just a few short weeks… you can have the real results you’ve always wanted. Remember: “A Year From Now, You Will Wish You Had Started Today”

But you cannot delay:  you know that your time is limited. You know that if you delay now, you might be sitting here a year later, wishing you had started.  So take the first step now – join today, and see how much you accomplish.  You might surprise yourself at how productive you are, and what you are really capable of.

Sid Savara

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If You’re Wondering…
Is The Action Solution Right For You?

Well, let’s find out.

 I put together this course, I had two types of people in mind.

They are as follows:

Person #1 – Looking for Change: You have either been through something recently in your life or are looking to make a transition in your life. This could be college, graduate school, your career, perhaps a big move – or just to break out of the rut and situation you seem to be stuck in.  The Action Solution is right for you, because it’s a time of reinvention in your life – and specifically with the techniques in Your Compass you will be able to make that transition on your terms and successfully

Person #2 – Satisfied, But Not Totally Thrilled:  You’re doing fine in your life and really can’t complain.  You know you are capable of more though, and you’re kind of just coasting and drifting through life.  Perhaps it’s due to lack of motivation, or lack of focus – or maybe it’s just old fashioned procrastination putting things off.  The Action Solution can definitely help you: I cover everything you need to know about making the post of your life, living up to your potential – and not settling for less than you deserve in your life. Specifically Cornerstone #2 and Cornerstone #5 are ones that will have a tremendous impact on your life

“A person’s main asset is themselves,
so preserve and enhance yourself.”
– Warren Buffet

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